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31 October 2015

Chrome Cleanup Tool Helps you in Cleaning Adware's

Adware's are the worst part one can get in their internet journey, browsing, surfing and downloading makes you feel happy but still there are many online threats that might be sneaking in and trying to get inside your computer without even giving you a single notice or so, well we have already posted a nice adware removing utility that you can use to remove all those adware's from your PC, even if your browser are infected either its chrome, Firefox or whatever this utility can remove every single dam toolbar or so from your computer.

Well if you are just working with chrome browser then google provides an easy way to scan and clean your chrome browser by searching for any adware that might be installed in your computer.

FIX Unknown Toolbars & ADS Popping in Chrome

Chrome Cleanup Tool is your option to fix all these adware based issues within in chrome browser. This utility is provided for free and could be used instantly and it works on its own searching for adware's, popping ads, toolbars and other stuff and removing them easily.

  1. Download this small Chrome Cleanup Utility.
  2. After you have successfully downloaded the utility, simply open it up by double tapping on the file.
  3. Now it will initialize the tool and start scanning your chrome browser for any unknown installation that might have affected the chrome browser.

    chrome cleanup utility
  4. If it finds one it will start removing that automatically, else it will show you that nothing was found and everything looks clean.

This way you can sure that your browsing experience is not affected by any sort of unknown adware's that might affect your browser, have fun and I hope you might play safe by using this utility, do comment if you have any problem.