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31 October 2015

Use Adobe Photoshop Image Editing Software Online

I do not negate the power of desktop image editing software application like Photoshop or others. The benefit of these desktop software application is you can work offline and have capability to open and edit high resolution images without a stutter. The drawback is you can just access your images from your computer system, it does not support to sync your images to the cloud, which enables you to access your pictures from anywhere.

pixlr web based application

So sometimes you need image editing software's on the go but you cannot carry Photoshop with you everytime as its really a huge software + 2 expensive too but if you want to edit images online on the go than we have a great online image editing website called Pixlr.

Its simply online Photoshop as its has all the features which a normal Photoshop feature have. You can add filters, emboss images and much more pretty well everything which you can do with a normal Photoshop Software.

PIXLR – The best Alternate to Photoshop Software

Pixlr provides 4 popular cloud picture editors that are readily available in several platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and the web-based, which permit you to utilize the app and edit your images and access it from anywhere.


Pixlr for Desktop is the 4th tool of the Autodesk business, along with the online Pixlr Editor, Pixlr-o-Matic and Pixlr Express (for mobile: iOS & Android). These apps are standalone apps, so you cannot integrate your pictures in between these platforms.

With the Pixlr for Desktop, you can simply deal with high resolution images and make innovative pictures. It's not a rival of Photoshop as well as various to the Autodesk's flagship, the Pixlr Editor, however Pixlr for Desktop has enough tools to assist you produce a fantastic picture.

The Pixlr is offered totally free with a couple of required functions. If you wish to open more exceptional functions, then a Pro subscription is needed to access advanced tools.

Advantages Of PIXLR Pro Membership

For $1.99 monthly or $14.99 annually, you will able to utilize premium functions like Blending, Histogram, Influence masks, expert HD impacts, type masks, colorized color modification and option tools.

So now in case you are planning to edit your images with high quality tools but you are not willing to invest that much amount in getting a premium Photoshop license, then Pixlr could be your best choice, just opt for any cheap plan like mentioned above and you will be able to make some nice innovative images on the go, its going to be real fun, you can even use its web based app to edit images on the GO, have fun and do comment.