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29 October 2015

How to Search and Add Subtitles to Movies in VLC Player

Hello everyone I know I have been blogging very less these days, I am kind of busy with my family work but I am working on the time schedule to fix that and blog daily. Well now today I will be showing you how you can easily search for subtitles for movies you are playing in VLC media player and then install them in your VLC media player movies.

vlc subtitles

Earlier I have posted two different methods to do so which are working absolutely fine the one is totally automatic after installing a small plugin and the other one goes as a manual google search that an get you can subtitle for movies or songs.

Top 3 Websites for Movies Subtitles for VLC Player

But today I have 3 different sites that you can use to search for any movie subtitle and it will work in am awesome way. I will also show you how to install the downloaded movie subtitle in your VLC player hence enjoying your movie experience by getting every bit about that movie.

So now open any of these site and search for the movie name and choose the language in which you need your subtitles.

How to Open Downloaded Subtitles in VLC Player

Now you have downloaded your subtitle file which will end as .srt extension, now its time to open those subtitles in your movie.

  1. Make sure VLC Media Player is installed.
  2. Now play your movie for which you have downloaded your subtitles.
  3. Now you have two options to load those downloaded subtitles.
  4. You can drag your subtitle .srt file onto your VLC layer window.
  5. Another way is to choose Subtitle > Add Subtitle File.
  6. Now choose the downloaded file and your subtitles will load automatically.

That's it guys, now your subtitles are loaded and you can easily view your movie with ease. You can check out some hidden VLC Player tricks that might give you some additional help in working with VLC Player.