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29 October 2015

How to Open a Beer without using a Bottle Opener

Beer a beverage liked by people all over the world for plenty of its uses, its sensational mood tickling secret makes it the best hangout drink ever one can have to enjoy and party with his or her friends. Now a days people are making it a habit to have beer as it has many good health benefits which I will discuss in my next post, using beer can has another big advantage to get an increased boost in your Wi-Fi signal by using the aluminum stuff from which cans are made.

beer bottle opening tricks

But usually people face problems opening a beer bottle without a bottle opener as sometimes you might be sitting inside a car or somewhere where you forgot to carry a bottle opener and now you are stranded with a beer bottle tightly sealed ready to be popped up and to get inside your body.

Top 10 Tricks to Open a Beer Bottle without Opener

Well now to solve that issue we have best top 10 ways to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener, so lets see all the methods below.

  1. Using Shelf with Aluminum or Hard Strip

    Yes in case you are in your house and you do not have a bottle opener that you can check for a shelf with a sharp edge that could be used as a bottle opener, simply hold the bottle cap against it and slide down as fast as you can to open up your beer bottle.
  2. Using Another Empty Beer Bottle

    In case you are having two or more beer bottles lying around you, you can use it as a bottle opener, just hold your beer bottle cap against another beer bottle cap and slide down pretty fast, boom your beer is now ready to consume.
  3. Using CD to Open a Beer Bottle

    Yes it sounds crazy but you can open a beer bottle using a CD or DVD just slide the disk towards the beer bottle cap as fast as you can and it will eventually make your beer cap float in the air.
  4. Using Inverted Bottle Trick

    As mentioned above using the empty bottle, you can even use two new beer bottles to open your beer, just invert the other beer bottle and then use its cap as a sharp edge to open up your beer bottle.
  5. Using the Bench in the Park to Open Beer Bottle

    If you are strolling in the park and suddenly you want to have a beer which you are carrying with you but you are not having any bottle opener, then park bench could be a life saver to open your beer bottle.
  6. Ahhh Spoon could be your Beer Bottle Opener

    So you want to open a beer bottle but do not have a opener lying around you, well grab a hard spoon use it as a bottle opener.
  7. Using a Car Door Latch to Open a Beer Bottle

    Car door latch are too strong for anything, well why not use it to open a beer bottle, yes just open your car door and pop up your beer bottle.
  8. Using a Finder Ring to Open a Beer Bottle

    Yes finder ring could also be used to open up a beer bottle, just check the above GIF displaying how you can do that with ease.
  9. Using Folder Paper Sheet for Opening Beer Bottle

    Hmm seems weird but when paper is folder several times it acts as a strong bond and hence allows you to open any canned bottle.
  10. Using Wallet Ninja Tool as a Beer Bottle Opener

    wallet ninja tool
    Wallet Ninja Tool is a amazing stainless steep tool created as a lightweight alternate to big tool in case of emergency, its compact design is as small as a credit card and hence could be stored in your wallet. I personally purchased it from amazon and it comes with many different uses, like bottle opener, can opener, scale, screw driver and much more. You can purchase it from amazon for as low as Rs.145 [LINK]

So guys this ends another nice and amazing tricks session that will help you in opening your beer bottle with ease anytime and anywhere, just follow them up and try it on your own, I hope you find this tutorial and great help.