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27 February 2016

How to Play GIF Images in Google Image Search Results

GIF Images are the animated images that you can use to make your presentations or even blog posts more interactive. Now you can create some nice GIF images on your own, share them on Facebook and even apply them as your wallpapers on your Windows OS. But in case you are not that creative in making a nice GIF image then you can get some for free from Google.

google image gif image results

Yes apart from all the text searched google can also be used to search specific images like GIF image or animated images. So we are going to see how you can play the animation of the GIF image right in results.

Play GIF Image Animation in Google Image Results

Yes when you search for some animated images in google image results, then you can see that images are not animating, but as soon as you click on any image to see its larger version, then they show the animation.

So that's why we are going to install a nice extension that will make this possible to enable the GIF animation right in search results.

  1. Make sure you are using Chrome, because this is a Chrome Extension.
  2. Now just install the GoogleGIFs Extension in chrome.
  3. That’s it now make a search in google image search for anything.
  4. Now press the Search Tools and under Type choose Animated.
  5. This will show only the animated images, hence GIF images.

Now you would be able to see all the images animated, you no more need to click any image to see its animation. So guys this ends another nice tutorial, well in case you did not understand the above text tutorial then watch my video below for easy understanding. I hope you all enjoyed it alot.