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06 March 2016

15 First Business Cards from Famous Successful Tycoons

Everyone started as a worker until he gave full of his determination to be a leader and a successful business running personality. Well today we are discussing or i must say showcasing 15 unique yet first time business cards developed by these 15 famous personalities. You know everyone of them and hence they govern the internet, so lets get started.

business card design

Unique Business Card Designs from Famous People

So just check below business card designs from the 15 most famous personalities known for some really magical work in the field of IT.

  1. Bill Gates – Microsoft [Wikipedia]

    microsoft business card design
  2. Steve Jobs – Apple Computers [Wikipedia]

    apple business card
  3. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook [Wikipedia]

    facebook business card
  4. Walt Disney – Disney Studios [Wikipedia]

    walt disney business card
  5. Larry Page – Google [Wikipedia]

    google first business card
  6. Steve Martin – Actor [Wikipedia]

    steve martin business card
  7. Wright Brothers – Wright Cycle Company [Wikipedia]

    write brothers first business card
  8. Chuck Jones – Warner Bros [Wikipedia]

    chuck jones warner bros first business card
  9. Jerry Yang – Yahoo [Wikipedia]

    yahoo business card
  10. Evan Williams – Twitter [Wikipedia]

    twitter business card design
  11. Steve Wozniak – Apple [Wikipedia]

    steve wozniak business card design
  12. Michael Dell – Dell Computers [Wikipedia]

    dell business card

So guys these were the top 15 unique business card designs from the 15 most famous people who have revolution the IT industry, I respect their hard work in bringing convenience to people all over the world.