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04 March 2016

How to Detect a Two-Way Mirror Glass and Stay Safe

Two-Way Mirrors could be anywhere these days, as the technology has evolved we are entering into a next dimension where few things are making life easier but some of them are making it a HELL. Well a Two-Way mirror is not an exception, using a 2-Way mirror one can easily look what's happening on the other without the consent of other person. Hence this technology is being used by Police to interrogate the criminals but side by side some other people are using it too peek the dirty things and record them for further use.

two way mirrors

As you might have seen this in the movie “Cabin in the Woods” they have the seen where the other person is able to see what’s the other person doing and that scene looks so awesome :p, but in real life if anything like this happens you and your loved one’s life is going to be HELL.

Detecting a 2-Way Mirror and Getting SAFE

So now how you can actually detect a two-way mirror and what all places you need to be aware about getting suspicious. Well in case you are in a reputed area or place then its difficult to get into any such situation but you need to aware at some low localities where you can find such 2-way mirrors.

4 Ways to Detect a 2-Way Mirror and Prevent Exposing

We found 4 easy ways to detect and prevent a 2-way mirror, hence protecting yourself fro getting exposed.

  1. Finger or Nail Touching Technique

    finger or nail touching trick
    In case you are aware that something is suspicious you can try the finger or nail touching trick, well if the mirror is normal then you won’t be able to touch your reflection as there is glass over the reflecting surface. But in a 2-way mirror glass your nail or finger will touch your reflection, hence that means the mirror is a two-way mirror. You can see image above.
  2. Camera Flash Detection Technique

    camera flash trick 2 way mirror
    Well this is another good one, by opening your camera camera and pointing it towards the mirror will allow you to see what's behind it, hence you can easily see if some camera is being operated on the other side.
  3. Mirror Knocking Sound Technique

    mirror knock sound 2 way mirror
    Its pretty useful but you need to be very observative to differentiate between sounds. If the mirror is 2 way mirror then you will listen a more hollow, echo based sound as the other side is empty, but if the mirror is real then the sound will be strong and bold hence that means nothing is at the back of the mirror. So you can be sure about the mirror.
  4. Mobile Reception Calling Trick

    mobile call changing room
    Yes if you are using a trial room for changing your cloths then this trick could be a life saver, well before entering the changing room just try to call someone, if your call is connected then its great, then just enter the trial room and now try to call again, if your call is not getting connected then there is probably a camera hidden, as camera optics interfere with the mobile reception that why the call if not connected.

So these were some of the best and simple tricks to save your life and your respect, well i have even added a video below, to show you everything is much simple detail. Have fun and protect yourself.