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12 March 2016

How to Repair and Fix Cracked Car Front Glass [Video]

Either you drive yourself or you have a chaffer to drive you anywhere like a KING in this world of regular increasing population, you can meet up anyone driving recklessly hence you can get your glass cracked by hitting them, or maybe something just fall on your car and now what, you need to get it changed for sure to get the things going on.

car windsheild crack

Well getting it changed looks normal if your car is covered under insurance but if its out then it could take you thousands. Well the best approach would always be to get it changed, else it can shatter anytime and harm your loved one’s or even you, but for the time sake if you wanna go light on your pocket, then we have a simple solution to get that crack fixed.

Using Household Ingredients to Fix Broken Car Glass

Well the ingredients we will be using are easily available in your house, but still you mid need one thing that you can get easily from any store outside or even googling it online could get you straight to your house.

Things you will need: Water, Bug Spray, Salt and Rubbing Alcohol.

  1. First in a pan, get some water.
  2. Add Salt, Bug Spray (any spray you have in market), Rubbing Alcohol (pure alcohol form, get from super market).
  3. Now mix all the contents together.
  4. just apply a thin layer on the crack and wait to let it sit, maybe 2-3 hours.
  5. Now you will see your crack has vanished. Obviously you will not be able to get it all gone as in sunlight you might see some reflection.
  6. But its still vanished away and your car will look awesome again.

So guys try implementing this trick, if you have a crack, well i hope you will find this tutorial handy, do like, share and subscribe for more awesome tips, tricks and hacks in future, till then have fun, PEACE !