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13 March 2016

Install Data Saver Extension & Save Internet Bandwidth

Everyday you come across many sites with lots of images, videos, web graphics and what not. Well we do not think about how much data that page might be consuming as maximum people are using the unlimited broadband connection. But still it can take a good amount of time to load heavy files and yes not to mentioned people still running on limited (metered connection) could be facing that data loss issue.

data saver extension chrome

Like I personally use two connections broadband at home and while traveling I use Airtel 4G, well I get good speed but with limited data, hence I have to pay more for extended bytes package. Well earlier I posted about the UC Browser which added this new page compressing feature.

Well now I found a very interesting chrome extension that works in the background and helps you save good amount of data.

Save Internet Data by Installing Data Saver Chrome Extension

Now Data Saver extension for chrome is officially developed by Google and works with Google's servers, it compresses the page before you can actually view the page, hence your images and maximum things are compressed, so you see a huge bandwidth savings. So lets check how you can install this extension and enjoy a faster and more internet bandwidth.

  1. Make sure you are running chrome browser.
  2. Now install the Data Saver chrome extension in chrome.
  3. That's it now all your pages will start to compress automatically and you just have to sit and browser to see this happen.

Now you can click the icon to see all the savings you have done after visiting and browsing few of your pages. I hope you have enjoyed this post and would surely save some internet bandwidth for that last site to visit. Do like, share and subscribe if you really like this post and blog.