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22 March 2016

Top 20 Latest Hollywood Movies List Releasing in 2016

If you are a true knowledge freak then you know that watching movies, enhances your brain skills and help you to recover from any depression. Watching movies, also help you to be alone and let the time fly while you grab some popcorns and help yourself make comfortable and enjoy the show. Now every year, many latest Hollywood movies jump in and bring something new for every taste.

For this new 2016 Year we have many Upcoming Hollywood Movies specifically Action based genre that brings some thrill, adrenaline in the blood stream of youngsters. So I personally love to watch action movies a lot, but it needs to have some serious VFX in its stream.

Top Upcoming Action Hollywood Movies in 2016

So now when these freaking movies are released you can watch them by going to your nearest cinemas or even watch Hollywood movies online using some awesome sites I have in the post above. So lets jump in straight to the movies that are going to be released in 2016.

#1. Batman vs. Superman [25th March, 2016]

batman vs superman hollywood movie 2016

#2. Captain America – Civil War [6th May, 2016]

captain america civil war 2016

#3. X-Men: Apocalypse [27th May, 2016]

x-men apocalypse movie 2016

#4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [16th December, 2016]

star wars rogue one movie 2016

#5. Suicide Squad [5th August, 2016]

suicide squad movie 2016

#6. Assassins Creed [21st December, 2016]

assassins creed movie 2016

#7. Hardcore Henry [8th April, 2016]

hardcore henry movie 2016

#8. Jason Bourne [29th July, 2016]

jason bourne movie 2016

#9. Warcraft [10th June, 2016]

warcraft movie 2016

#10. Independence Day: Resurgence [24th June, 2016]

Independence Day Resurgence movie 2016

#11. The Huntsman: Winter’s War [22nd April, 2016]

the huntsman winters war movie 2016

#12. Star Trek Beyond [22nd July, 2016]

star trek beyond movie 2016

#13. Free State of Jones [13th May, 2016]

Free State of Jones movie 2016

#14. USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage [27th May, 2016]

USS Indianapolis Men of Courage movie 2016

#15. Bastille Day [13th July, 2016]

Bastille Day movie 2016

#16. The Legend of Tarzan [1st July, 2016]

The Legend of Tarzan movie 2016

#17. Mechanic Resurrection [26th August, 2016]

Mechanic Resurrection movie 2016

#18. Precious Cargo [22nd April, 2016]

Precious Crago movie 2016

#19. Kickboxer: Vengeance [2016]

Kickboxer Vengeance movie 2016

#20. Central Intelligence [17th June, 2016]

Central Intelligence movie 2016

So guys these are the new upcoming Hollywood films that will be released in 2016 this year and you should be able to enjoy that immense action while having some nice hot popcorns, do watch these movies and like, share and subscribe this post if you like it. Have fun and enjoy.