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13 April 2016

Simple Trick to Crash your Friends Computer & Mobile

If you are that PRANK Pitching guy then here we have something for you, a simple trick to crash your friends pc, his android and iOS smartphone, yes any gadget he might have it can crash easily and could be restarted instantly (as it will be hanging, so the person has to restart the device to make it work again:p)

crash your friends computer and smartphone

How we are going to Crash the Devices

Well I know this might be the question arising in your mind that how we are going to do this, either we can going to use any application, any tool that might be having any sort of virus or so, well nothing actually but a simple web address can do this crash.

Yes the web address we are going to reveal below is going to open a chain of links, I mean so any links that are going to HOG up the processor and your pc and phone could not handle all those requests at once, hence they will crash and restart your device.

crashsafari.com opening links and crashing devices

You can see from the above screenshot, how so many links are opening automatically when you are opening a single webpage. Its chaining all those webpage and as soon as you are opening this site, you open many others automatically in the background.

Crashing Windows Computer & Smartphone

Well for all this to Happen, you just need to visit the below link and this will crash your computer and any android or iOS device instantly. No matter what heavy configurations you might be having, when these many links are opened at the same time, everything is going to stop and the last option would be to either close your windows browser and if you are on smartphone, restarting it would be the only option.

Crashing Link

Remember If you open above link your PC might stop responding, its just for fun use, do not use it to Harass anyone. You can share the above link to crash any Android, PC or other Smartphone.

So now just raise your hand and say, Hey GOD I might be crashing someone’s pc or smartphone, do forgive me and share this link with your friends, but please it should be only for FUN use.