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13 April 2016

10 Simplest and Basic WhatsApp Tricks you Should Know

Well, exactly what is the most popular and helpful messaging app? No doubt, it is WhatsApp which now does not require any sort of intro as it is fairly popular and pre-owned around the world. The immediate messaging app that lets you interact with others through endless SMS, images, videos and voice calling and probably soon we will even have video calling feature all over the world.

10 basic whatsapp tricks

10 Basic WhatsApp Tricks you Might not Know !

Best part is WhatsApp keeps on updating and bring in new and awesome features with every new update. There are numerous tricks of Whatsapp that you may be utilizing or familiar with it like Privacy setting, concealing last seen, using Whatsapp without number and much more. However today I will not be showing you any sort hacking based trick for WhatsApp but today we will be covering some of the basic tricks that comes pre loaded in WhatsApp and many people still are not aware about them.

  1. Stop WhatsApp from Automatically Saving Received Images to your Camera Roll

    On day-to-day basis, we share numerous images on Whatsapp either as a personal message or a message in the group. Going through in Gallery with great deals of Whatsapp images is bothersome and annoying. Whatsapp images sticks out mess up the entire Gallery folder. Well you can stop WhatsApp from doing this by navigating Settings > Chat > Save Incoming Media. Now uncheck this option and no images will get saved to your camera roll. This same could be done on Android too.
  2. Getting Full Messaging Statistics that who Messaged and Chat with you the Most

    If you use WhatsApp all the time, then its beneficial to see full statistics of your usage that who messages you the most and with whom you chat alot. Well for this you have a free application in Android that helps you to find all these stats. WhatStat is a free android application will analyze your usage and give you a detailed report about it. WhatStat require a Rooted Android Device.

    Download Whatstat

  3. Moving your Chat and Media Backup to Another Device in WhatsApp on Android and iOS

    If you are not utilizing this feature then you should right now, backups could be useful in case you loose your phone or perhaps you are just making a shift to a new device. In iOS this could be done under Settings > Chat > Chat Backup and then you can choose to backup your chat history via Google Drive or other Cloud Service. On Android you can do this by navigating to Settings > Chat > Chat Backup.
  4. Sending Private Messages to Multiple Contacts in WhatsApp using Broadcast Feature

    Have you utilized the Broadcast feature of WhatsApp, well its truly amazing and you can send single message to multiple contacts using this option. Its useful if you are sending festival greetings or just sharing a normal morning message. You can do this by creating a new broadcast channel and adding all the contacts into it.

    Remember Broadcast messages are only delivered to contacts that you phone number saved in their contacts, else your message will not be delivered.

  5. Restoring your Deleted Messages and Chat History on WhatsApp in Android and iOS

    Even if you have not created a backup of your messages and chat history, Whatsapp automatically creates a backup of your messages and chat history at 4PM everyday. To restore that backup you need to uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it, then navigate to Settings > Chat Settings > Restore. This option will not be available when you will uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp.
  6. Protect your WhatsApp from Prying Eyes, Lock your WhatsApp with WhatsLock for Android

    If any of your buddies or member of the family is watching on your Whatsapp then you can protect your Whatsapp from those spying eyes by locking your Whatsapp account. If you are Android user, download Whatsapp Lock from Google Play Store free of charge.

    Download WhatsLock

  7. Check Exact Time when your Messages were Read using the INFO Option in WhatsApp

    Wish to discover when somebody read your messages? Yes, there is blue tick which makes sure that your message has been seen by another person but question is when? Simply tap on specific message and it will offer you an information (i) option. In iOS you can slide the message to the left that will display exact time message was read.
  8. How to Mute any Distracting Group in WhatsApp on Android and iOS

    Sometimes you have joined so many groups that it gets distracting when everyone seems to messaging in every single group, well the first option is too leave but if you are not planning to leave any group then you can MUTE that group for 8 Hours to 1 Year depending on the situation and you can remove that MUTE anytime. For doing this you can navigate to any group click its name and choose the MUTE option and activate it by choosing the duration.
  9. Get Desktop Notifications for your WhatsApp Messages and Chats

    Sometimes it really gets irritating doing work and keeping an eye on the updates from your chats and groups, well that could be solved easily with desktop notifications, so while you work you will get notified when something happens on your WhatsApp, simply use the WhatsApp Web and activate Desktop Notifications.
  10. How to Get Custom Notifications from Different Groups on WhatsApp

    Hmmm well you get irritated from all those groups, people are messaging continuously but what if one of that group is unique and you want to stay updated when that particular group posts anything, well for this we have custom notifications. Simply navigate to that group click its name and choose Custom Notifications. Now you can choose Custom Message Tone for that particular group. Next time you get an update from that group you will that unique tone.

Hey this ends another awesome WhatsApp tricks based post, I hope many of you might not be knowing many of these tricks that were officially present in WhatsApp itself. Do try them out and if you face any problems comments section is just below, do comment your thoughts on how you liked this post.