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25 April 2016

How to Automatically Convert your Speech into RAP Song

RAP, Hip Hop and other sorts of songs are a lot popular in teenagers of this generation and many of them are coming up with it, exploring their talent and making a living on the Internet and in real life. Well personally I am not a big music fan and I am even not that much upto date with all sorts of music releases but still when something unique pops up I am up for it and I live to explore what more could be done using it, so if you are a big music fan then this is for you.

autorap music app

Now you can create your own RAP songs pretty easily without any music and beats knowledge using a simple AutoRAP app by Smule. If you are not aware about Smule then you got to see their application they develop specially for the iOS platform I am not sure about android if every single app is available for that platform too but for iOS they have some of the best music based applications, like I personally liked the Ocarina app, that could be utilized by blowing air into your mic and touch the falling keynotes to make a nice tone.

Create your Own RAP Songs Easily for Free using the AutoRAP Smule Application

Now AutoRAP by Smule uses some backend algorithms to give echo and sound effects to your simple speech. Yes you just need to say few lines or even a long sentence and that thing automatically gets converted into a nice RAP song with effects, beats and everything.

Well check the below video to see how an artist simple talks few sentence and AutoRAP automatically makes a nice RAP song out of it.

So I know you are pretty amazed on how this simple application is so much capable in creating any sentence into a RAP song pretty easily, well I would like you to download this application and then try it yourself, your mind is going to blog on how easily you are creating your own RAP songs for free and without any music knowledge.

So now Simply Talk into MIC and Convert that Speech into a RAP Song Easily

Now this application is available for both iOS and Android Devices so you can download them using the below link.

AutoRAP Android


After you download there is no much things I need to elaborate in order for you to use this app, just open it up, choose a Beat and start speaking, rest everything will be taken care of by this app automatically, it creates RAP songs in seconds and there is no waiting time to hear your songs. You can then share your songs with friends. Obviously if you would like to choose some more awesome beats then you need to purchase its monthly subscription which is very nominal for something like this exceptional.