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25 April 2016

How to Download Songs from WYNK Music App for Free

Update Well this app requires you to root your android device in order to get it working and you will also need the older WYNK Version which, so I have uploaded that below please download that.

If you are a music freak then you might love to download a lot of songs, well getting songs online is easy these days as there are many websites that provide you free song downloads but then comes the Wynk application that enables you to download songs, maintain list of tracks, allows you to create playlists and a lot more and that too for pretty cheap like Rs.30/month.


Yes I know you will say why to pay Rs.30 when you can get all those songs for free, well that's because now you can download and maintain your list, else you have to transfer the songs, move them up and maintain proper names and list, its a lot headache. So with Wynk song downloading becomes a lot easier.

WYNK Downloader Enables you to Download Songs for Free using the WYNK Application

Yes you heard it right, today we have a nice and free application that enables you to download songs from WYNK App for free without paying that subscription amount of Rs.30

With this android application you can easily fetch the song streaming link and download it where ever you want the song to download in your Android Device.

How to Use WYNK Downloader to Download Songs for Free using WYNK App

So now you might be thinking how you can use this application to download songs from WYNK App, well below is the video, do check it out to see how this application works and how it will enable you to download songs to any directory in your Android for free.

Root your Android Device for WYNK Downloader to Work

Yes right now WYNK Downloader is only limited to the rooted android devices, so you can use KINGO Root or Framaroot and then follow below steps. Also make sure if you are downloading the below WYNK Downloader .APK on your pc and then transferring that file to android device you need to Enable Unknown Sources option.

Download WYNK Downloader Android .APK File for Free Direct Download

I have uploaded the WYNK Downloader Android Applications .APK version for free so that you can download the file and easily use it download songs from WYNK for free.

Download WYNK Downloader

You will also need the old WYNK Application which is version so below is the link download that too, remove the current version and install this version.

Download WYNK

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and application and will soon be able to download all those favorite songs from WYNK and transfer them anywhere you want to. Above video demonstrates how you can use WYNK Downloader, so kindly check that. If you find link broken do comment below, so that I can upload it once again.