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23 April 2016

Boost Volume on your Windows Computer with DFX Tool

I used to struggle with my old laptop for the bad audio output it delivered, the sound was not clear and the worst part no loud enough to even hear, well attaching external speakers was the option but they were not portable and I wanted something that could enhance the audio quality of my onboard speakers easily. So I went on to search some tool and got a very nice one.

dfx audio enhancer tool windows

DFX Audio Enhancer tool for windows computers helps you to boost and amplify your sound volume of your PC. This single small tool helps you to increase your sound volume universally hence you can easily get loud and clear sound from your YouTube videos, Facebook videos or anywhere else from which sound is coming.

How DFX Audio Enhancer Boosts Sound

With DFX Audio Enhancer tool you get five different settings to amplify and improve your computer sound. This tool makes your onboard speakers to sound awesome.

You can fiddle with many options to enhance your computers audio quality, you can change Fidelity rate, Ambience, enhance 3D Surround Sound, Dynamic Boost is another awesome thing and then the last one is HyperBASS that makes the sound go BOOM!

They have some nice equalizer settings that you can fiddle to see different effects and even get much more clear sound.

Download DFX Audio Enhancer Tool Free for Windows

DFX Audio Enhancer comes with two options, free and paid, the free version works fine but its not going to minimize that only the single drawback and rest majority of paid features are available in free version, so its not a bad choice to go with the free version.

Download DFX Enhancer

Certainly you can grab the paid version or you know the bad way, you can go with the torrent option, maybe you can find the latest paid version for free, well this ends another post I hope you understood about how DFX Audio Enhancer works in boosting your computer sound, do comment below in case you find any problem.