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23 April 2016

20 Different Types of KISS Styles from around the World

KISS is a sweet way to say that “I Love You” and “I Care 4 U” and when attempted first time, it tickles you and releases a chemical in your body that makes you depression free. People around the world might be kissing under different names but the main motive is to spread love among individuals.

Now if you are a big movie lover then you might have seen different KISSES attempted in movies. Well you might be interested to know what all those KISSES are called actually. Well we are certainly going to discover everything in this post.

How French KISS is done, What it means, Any other Good KISS to Try with your GIRL

Well if these are all the questions in your MIND then we have composed this post that shows you all the KISS attempted in movies and in real life that spreads love. You can be a professional KISSER when you know exactly how to KISS and what does that KISS mean.

the eskimo kiss

#1. The Eskimo KISS

This sort of KISS is done using the NOSE, as it rubbed against your partner back and forth, just like the Eskimo’s do. Usually given by parents to their children, it represents a caring expression.

the french kiss

#2. The French KISS

Ahhh! no need of introduction to this one, a very popular KISS, attempted all around the world, specially in MOVIES. Its an affectionate way to express your feelings and love towards your partner usually carried at the time of having DEEP SEX LOVE

the single lip kiss

#3. The Single LIP KISS

In this you take your partners one single LIP in your mouth and you repeat this again and again. An affectionate way to pass your love feelings to your GIRL.

the earlobe kiss

#4. The Earlobe KISS

This one’s are most commonly used while having a shower with your partner, in this you need to KISS the earlobes of your partner and use tongue most of the time to give a deep romantic feel.

The kiss on hand

#5. The Sober Hand KISS

A gesture from a gentlemen expressing love and affection for his women. Normally used by seniors and not a common taste for the teenagers, because they love something naughty.

the butterfly kiss

#6. The Butterfly KISS

Swing your LIPS on your partners LIPS and let the motion roll on for few minutes. This KISS is performed by laying your partner down and getting on top of her and expressing your love.

the prolonged kiss

#7. The Prolonged KISS

A deep affectionate KISS, that starts from hairs to the BUTTS while having a mouth to mouth contact between two lovers. A very passionate way of expressing love ♥

the cheek KISS

#8. The Cheek KISS

Another Sober way for expressing your feeling to your love, very slowly kissing her cheek makes her feel secured.

the lizard kiss

#9. The Lizard KISS

Tongue with tongue that’s what is done in this KISS Style, well as you know the saliva transferred during the KISS session is very helpful in maintaining a bacteria free mouth, this style will transfer a lot of it :P

the flexible kiss

#10. The Flexible KISS

You bend back and KISS, that what this KISS style is meant for, well don’t just do it for love, you might get a back problem :P

against the wall kiss

#11. Against the Wall KISS

Hold her against the wall, move your LIPS above her LIPS and express the KISS love passionately. You will love this as you have full strong base to hold her and KISS madly.

the angel kiss

#12. The Angel KISS

KISS on eyelids proves a genuine of getting stress free eyes, express your love by making her feel like an Angel.

the lingering lip kiss

#13. Lingering Lip KISS

For the period 20 seconds forget everything else, just KISS her lips and start that passionate course right now.

the peck kiss

#14. The Peck KISS

A first KISS you encounter is this one, you are not aware what will happen next but still you have a feeling to express and you do it, rest is history, come on you have the time say it loud “I ♥ You”

the kis in air

#15. The Air KISS

Well this could be a small start of the love relationship, but do not make your face small, soon you will have a chance to make all the KISSES mentioned above :P

the teaser kiss

#16. The Teaser KISS

KISS that starts from Lips and goes straight down towards the fingers and vice versa. It said as a teaser as after this the full climax is going to happen, I know what you are thinking, well just do it.

the wood pecker kiss

#17. The Woodpecker KISS

Ahhhh! so adorable, it feels like right now, I am not able to control myself and I am just kissing my laptop to express my love, off course my love is my BLOG :P

the neck kiss

#18. The Neck KISS

Lick neck or KISS it, its your way but in this you need to passionately make love with the NECK, personal advise, kissing neck makes the girl becomes very passionate about the next thing.

the firehead kiss

#19. The Forehead KISS

A gesture of very polite love with your bae is a sing of this KISS <3 she can forget everything but this is a mark on her forehead about the love you made her once, which is difficult to forget.

the spiderman KISS

#20. The Spiderman KISS

Hmmm well if you had been stung by a Spider recently then this could be your next unique kiss with your BAE :P

So everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at all those KISS gestures, well if you have not made your first step, make it else another Spiderman might take her for a spinney ride.