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05 March 2017

How to Embed Adsense AD anywhere inside Blogger Post

Adsense might be your primary monetizing source on your blog, and you might love the way it displays advertisement. Ads are clean and relevant and that's what makes adsense the 1st choice of any blogger who wants to monetize his or her blog online. I have covered many tutorials on increasing your Adsense CPC and even adding adsense ad right after the more tag that we use to split the post.

adsense ad anywhere in blogger post

Well today I will be extending that more tag tutorial and will be showing you how to embed adsense ad inside anywhere of your blog post without any problem. Now obviously you might get stuck with the total ads limit per page, but you can manage that yourself.

I am personally using this on my blog and you might have see many of my posts have ads embedded between posts, even below the post title that is a good place too. So if you also have some long posts and would like to embed adsense ads anywhere after few paragraphs or maybe an inside catchy title then this guide is for you.

Adding Adsense AD anywhere inside Blogger Post

So lets jump in and see how this going to work.

  1. For this to work, its important that you use the more tag adsense ad I posted earlier, because on that basis only we will be adding more adsense ad inside blogger post.
  2. Now when you have successfully added the more tag adsense script now you might be able to see adsense ad loading automatically after the more tag inside your post.
  3. To add adsense ad anywhere inside the blogger post shift to the HTML tab, if you are using Open Live Writer then shift to the source tab and add below code where ever you want adsense ad to appear.

    <a name='more'></a>

  4. Now publish your post and see your adsense ad appearing automatically.
  5. You can add this code as many times you like but remember the adsense limits 4 ads per page, so after that you might not see any more ads loading on your blog.

So this is quiet useful as afterwards anytime if you would like to change the adsense ad with any other ad or maybe a widget like related posts or anything, it will render everywhere where your more tag will appear.