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04 April 2016

Make Free Calls to any Number in any Country Online

I know you all love freebies, calling your friends for free, pranking them up with maybe a fake call and lots of other stuff. Well as you all know even I am great fan of these things happening all over the internet and that's why I love to post them so that you all can enjoy these stuff at your end. Well now I have posted many tricks on how you can make free calls like earlier it was CrowdCall if you remember that, well it shutdown so I removed the post.

poptox free online internet calls

Well another one was that Fake Calling Application Voxox well its still running but now you won’t be able to change number to anything but they have predefined numbers that changes with every call and the best part is all the numbers are from India and they do not connect back as they all are dead number.

Making Free Internet Calls to India and Abroad

But now today I have another online free calling service that will allow you to make free calls to anyone in India or abroad totally for free. I tested this service out and i was able to make good calls to any number but then I came to know about its limit that you can call any number for 5 times/day and you get 2 MIN call time for each you make, so yeah its not much but for fun and emergency this service could be used and its not bad.

Another great thing about this service is that the number which is displayed is from USA, boom yeah the call quality is great and what else you need, so you can call your friends change your voice and start pranking them out.

How to Make Free Calls using the POPTOX Service

So the service I am talking about is POPTOX, so you do not need any application of software to be downloaded, but your Chrome or Opera Browser is required to make these calls.

Remember Only Chrome and Opera Browser’s are supported, so Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox are also not supported. In mobile device make sure to install chrome browser to use this service.

  1. poptox free internet callsVisit POPTOX.com
  2. On the right hand side you will see a phone displayed with the keypad and country selector, choose India, like I have done in the image on the right.
  3. Then enter your friends number who so ever you wanna make a call too.
  4. Next you press the green CALL button and it will start to initiate your call, it will ask you give permission to the MIC, so press the Allow Button when prompted.
  5. Now you call will start and you will the Phone Ringing notification, that's it now you can easily make talk to your friends or anyone who so ever you called for free.

As I said above remember you cannot call 1 single more then 5 times in a day, yes obviously the next day everything will get reset and you can call that number once again, so its a nice service, with good voice quality and random USA number, that feels good to call someone with not your number and sound like crazy.

Have fun, enjoy this service, do check other posts and if you really like this post, do like, share and subscribe to support HackingUniversity.