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04 April 2016

How to Retrieve PUK Code and Unblock your SIM Card

PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) is a security measure applied on the SIM cards for entering your password wrong 3 times in a row. Yes in case you forgot your password and you have entered the wrong password for 3 times you might have a blocked SIM card at the end and the only thing that will help you in retrieving your SIM card is the PUK code from your network operator.

sim card puk code online offline

Now personally I have faced this issue 2-3 times and the way I used to get the PUK was to call the customer care number and then get the code. But today I will show you a simple method to get the PUK code online and store that code somewhere safe, so that I get your SIM blocked you can open it easily.

Default SIM Card Pin Code for Network Operators

When you purchase your SIM Card and you get a PIN Code prompt when you start your device, then below are the default codes applied by the network operators, well now a days they do not have any code applied, but still if you have not changed the code and getting a prompt to enter, enter one of them.

default network sim pin code

Unblock your Blocked SIM Card with the PUK Code

So if your card is blocked by putting invalid password for 3 times then as I said PUK code is required to be entered to unblock the SIM. Now there are two different methods to get the PUK code, either by online or calling the customer care number and getting it offline using a different number.

Remember Entering wrong PUK Code for 3 times will get your SIM disabled, hence then you need to present your documents and get a new SIM from the company, so make sure you enter the right one in 1 or 2 tries max.

Getting PUK Code Online for all Network Operators

Now many of the renewed telecom operators have their online portal to retrieve your PUK code easily, you just need to enter your mobile number and OTP (one time password) and then you can see your PUK code.

Remember Online method will only work if your phone is in working state, as it requires you to enter One Time Password, so it could be used as a pre process to retrieve your PUK code and save it for future use

  1. Airtel – You can visit their Online Self Care Portal and then enter your mobile number and one time password then you can see a PUK code option clicking that will help you to retrieve your PUK code.

    puk code airtel
  2. Aircel – Even Aircel provides you with an online portal that you can use to retrieve your PUK code easily, visit their Online Portal and then choose your circle and enter your mobile number and one time password that will be sent to your mobile device. When logged in you will see list of options like balance & validity and PUK code, click that and retrieve your code.
  3. Idea – Has a an Online Portal too that you can use to recover your PUK code easily, simply visit their portal and then enter your mobile number and OPT and when logged in you see your PUK number under My Account > PUK Retrieval.
  4. Docomo – You can certainly login to your Docomo online Portal and see your PUK code on My Account > My Profile > Mobile Details.
  5. Telenor – Not a big network like above all but still if you are one on Telenor network then even they have an online portal for showing you PUK code and other details. Once logged in navigate to My Services > Get my PUK Pin.

Getting PUK Code Offline for all Network Operators

Now above method was if you insist on getting your PUK code online and even looking at other useful information, but in case you want to get your PUK code offline, then below are the methods to do so.

Remember Many of the below numbers could be dialed from different operators also but you will require your SIM number to verify that you actually own a SIM and maybe other details could also be asked.

  1. Airtel – If you are on Airtel then you can call at 121 and verify your identity to the customer representative and get your 8 Digit PUK Code, then you can enter that code to unblock your SIM Card.
  2. Vodafone – On Vodafone you can call at 111 or 9811098110 and listen to the ongoing instructions press the appropriate number to connect your call to the customer care representative and then ask him for the PUK code.
  3. BSNL – Getting PUK code for BSNL Numbers could be done in two ways either by calling or messaging. 1503 is the number you need to call and get your PUK code. You can send SMS to, type PUK<space>xxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxx should be replaced with the SIM number written on back of your SIM card) and send this too 53733, you can send this from different BSNL number.
  4. Aircel – In Aircel to get your PUK code you can call at 198 or 9700012345 from a different Aircel number and then connect to a representative and ask them for the PUK code. Enter that code and unblock your SIM card.
  5. Reliance – Getting PUK code in Reliance is pretty much same as Aircel, the number is once again 198 or xxxx-30333333 (replace xxx with STD code) call the customer care and ask for your PUK code.
  6. Idea – In Idea also the number is same 198 or calling their toll free number 1800-270-0000 to connect your call customer care and getting your PUK code easily.
  7. Docomo – To get PUK code in Tata Docomo you need to call at their toll free number 1860-266-5555 and connect your call customer care and then ask them for the PUK code of your SIM.