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20 April 2016

Travel any Country with Ease using this ICONS T-Shirt

Many times we plan a trip to a different country and we know that we might face that language issues, speaking their local language is not easy and we are stranded in between struggling to communicate with them for food or even a stay. Well recently I visited Srilanka with my friend Tuneer VIG, it was nice trip and it could have been an excellent one if you haven’t visited the Casino where I lost a good amount of money. Well now keeping that apart, we personally faced a lot of issues while communicating with the local crowd.

iconspeak travel shirt with 40 icons

It was difficult JOB to search for Hotel and even for a North Indian type food as we had to eat a lot South based food. So this happens to everyone of use visiting a place where local language is different from English, so now I came across an awesome solution to help you travel with ease in any country around the world.

Traveler T-Shirt with 40 Icons helps you to Communicate with Ease in any Country

The IconSpeak team has created these set of icons and printed them on T-Shirt for easy travel and communication with any local person in any country.

iconspeak traveler t-shirt with 40 icons

So I hope you might have understood till now that how this T-Shirt will be useful to you. If you are not able to speak their local language then using these icons you can make them understand that what you actually want. So this is normal technique you do every-time while travelling, like you write or draw on a piece of paper but now you can just point to an icon and make anyone understand that what you want from the or what you are asking them.

iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (1)iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (2)iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (3)iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (4)iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (5)iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (6)iconspeak travel t-shirt with 40 icons (7)

You can purchase this T-Shirt online or you can print these icons on your own T-Shirt by creating them in any software like Corel-Draw. You can visit https://iconspeak.world and grab this T-Shirt from them officially. I hope you also liked this concept, its really an innovative way to travel abroad without having any skills in speaking their local language, now everything seems so easy.