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18 April 2016

6 Best Plugins for Displaying Related Posts in Wordpress

Related posts simply picks up different posts from the labels you have applied on your current posts and helps you to maintain relevancy with the posts your blog reader is viewing. Adding related posts in your blog is very essential for making your readers to stay on your blog for a long time and boosting your website traffic by decreasing that bounce rate. I have earlier posted two different ways to display random posts in your blogger blog, well random posts are also necessary and very much efficient in increasing your blog views.

related posts plugins for wordpress

The randomly shuffling random posts widget for blogger blogs help you to maintain some style while displaying random posts automatically, that change on every refresh. Another random posts widget was a simple look like we used on HackingUniversity, that looked sober with decent light colors, one with that style in their mind could go with that one too.

You can even add a nice styled Random Posts viewing button, that when clicked will display a random posts by itself from any label or category. Well lets jump back to the topic, today we have some nice related posts plugins for wordpress blogs, these are the top rated related posts wordpress plugins for 2016.

Top 6 Related Posts Plugins for Wordpress

So below is the list of 6 top most related posts plugins for wordpress blogs and sites in 2016 that will display random related posts fro your categories automatically, either below or anywhere inside your blog posts for getting more views.

Jetpack related posts plugin for wordpress

#1. Jetpack Related Posts Plugin Wordpress

Jetpack is the most popular related posts wordpress plugin. It has more than 35 features, among which related post is the one. You can reveal 3 related post with thumbnail or without thumbnail. The Related post module of Jetpack does not have more choice so it will not puzzle you much. I had actually utilized the Related post function of Jetpack in the past, It had actually worked too great.

Download Jetpack Plugin

yet another related posts plugin for wordpress

#2. (YARPP) Wordpress Plugin

Yet Another Related Post Plugin by (YARPP) is another most popular related post plugin for wordpress blogs. The plugin permits you to screen both List view & thumbnail related post and it even allows you to choose from which time you would like to choose those related posts either 7 days or 1 month.

Download YARPP Plugin

related posts plugin for wordpress

#3. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress is extremely lightweight (just 190KB) & much faster related post plugin. It has one good idea that does not decrease your site efficiency since it utilizes own cache and carries out all the heavy resources job in the admin panel, therefore it makes your website quicker than ever. Settings for Related Posts Plugin for WordPress is dam! simple as 1-2-3.

Download Plugin

yuzo related posts wordpress plugin

#4. Yuzo Related Posts Wordpress Plugin

Yuzo Related Post is among the fastest Related post plugin. Yuzo has actually integrated cache system that makes your website quicker & it does not influence your website efficiency. Yuzo has lots of comprehensive functions, that is just readily available in a premium plugin however it is entirely free plugin. You can show your related post in 4 various designs: Vertical with Thumbnail, Horizontal with thumbnail, List and Experimental.

Download YUZO Plugin

zemanta related posts wordpress plugin

#5. Zemanta Related Posts Wordpress Plugin

Related Posts by Zemanta Wordpress Plugin is the very best related post plugin. It has clean settings user interface so you can quickly setup Related posts for your wordpress blog. With Related post by Zemanta plugin you can show 7 various types related post: Momma, Modern, Vertical (Large), Vertical (Medium), Vertical (Small), Pinterest Inspired & Plain (your very own CSS).

Download Zemanta Plugin

contexual related posts plugin for wordpress

#6. Contextual Related Posts Wordpress Plugin

Contextual Related Posts (CRP) is another quick & effective Related post plugin. Like Related Posts for WordPress & Yuzo, It likewise utilizes cache to serve related post. CRP displays related post based upon title or material of the present post which improves your user experience. CRP works well with any cache plugin such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache and they likewise advised that you make it possible for Cache output setting on your blog.

Download CRP Plugin

So guys I hope you enjoyed reading this article, If you have recently started a new blog, then utilizing these related posts plugin would surely decrease your bounce rate and hence enhancing your search engine traffic, do use them and if you find any problem do comment.