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30 July 2016

15 Superb Interior Design Tips for Perfecting your HOME

HOME is a place where family resides, to make it an enjoyable place to live needs some perfection to be implemented. Either you are going to build your home from scratch or you are making changes to your already built up home. We bring you 15 of the best interior design advices that you can implement right now to make your ordinary home a living paradise. These changes may include you some cost, but mark my words you are not going to regret these modifications.

Best Interior Design Advices for Making your HOME a Perfect Place to Live

Below are the tips you can follow in order to give a nice style change to your house, I hope you will enjoy reading these tips.


  • Diffused Lights - using some nice diffused lights in your bedroom makes it feel sober and cozier. This is commonly seen in many hotels atleast 5 stars.


  • Contrasted Cushions – using different colors but contrast based cushions makes your SOFA to stand out from everything else. Try testing some color pallets to see what will suite best.


  • Real Bathroom RUG – people usually use some cheap plastic based mats, so that they can last for long time, but they look cheap and even do not provide that level of comfort, its very necessary to use a nice RUG that covers your floor well and provides a nice appeal.


  • High Quality 3D Wallpaper – using 3D wallpaper as your background, makes your area look huge, as you can see from the above image, how 3D wallpaper looks so awesome. Test it out now.


  • Wardrobes with External Mirrors – wardrobes helps you to keep your space clean by letting you to organizing your clothing inside, but usually if you room size is small they can clutter up the space but taking a good amount of space. Try using some mirrors outside that wardrobe, it makes your room look huge.



  • Plates on Wall – might seem weird but its a nice concept, either use colored plates or you paint them by yourself, either use a single color or even make a contrast. Just hang them on your walls, try creating some patterns, believe you will love it.


  • BUNK Bed for Kids – if you are recently blessed with kids, then you need a room for them and by luck if you got twins or two children, then you can opt for the BUNK Bed, it can accommodate two kids and even saves a lot space.


  • Small Tiles in Kitchen – your food outlet should not have big tiles, it can accommodate dirt alot. While using small mosaic based tiles will make your kitchen walls look good and feel nice.


  • Colorize your Heating Radiator – heating radiators might solve your daily cold issues, but they look bulk sitting on that awesome colorized wall but wait we have a solution why not paint them in a nice contrast based color.
  • Some Clean Minimalist Home Interior Architecture Designs


  • ROOF Should be Bright – whatever colors your walls are, your roof needs to be Bright to make some appeal.


  • Open Wardrobe – as I have mentioned above if you have wardrobe’s in your room, then either use some mirrors outside that to make the area look spacy but there is another option to use open wardrobe to save good space. This might not be appropriate option for few of them, but this will surely save some money too.


  • Contrasted Furniture – adapting to some contrast based same color furniture will reveal sense of space. You can opt for this sort of furniture and make your lobby look wide and vivid.


  • Ceiling Low, Low Furniture – I personally like a low ceiling option for my room and home, if you opt for a low one then its necessary to have a low furniture, so that it does not feel like the area is cluttered.


  • Keeping Fresh Bowl of Fruits – either you can keep this on your dining table or even in your kitchen, this reveals the healthy nature of your family. So either you like fruits or hate them, this can surely make essence and ambiance to look healthy.

So these were 15 tips to improve interior design of your home and give it a sense of appeal. Test them, try them and enjoy a new pleasant breeze while making your a little healthier.