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31 July 2016

How to Shift your Disqus Comments from Old to New URL

Disqus is a very decent commenting system, I have been using it for a very long time, earlier I had Intense Debate commenting System that worked well, but it lacked that nice user interface that Disqus provides us. Apart from that Disqus is quite popular so getting new updates is quite frequent? Now many people using blogger still use the official blogger’s commenting system, but the majority of the citizens including many of my readers who might own a blog will be using Disqus Comments System.

migrating disqus comments from old url to new url

Now in many instance people usually shift their URL Structure of your blog or even platform. Like people changing from Blogger to WordPress. Then you can see a change in URL’s structure, check below.




So as you can see a small change in URL structure, this means much more when you have things depending on the URL of your blog. So Disqus comments renders their commenting system according to your domain URL, so it captures all the new URL’s and saves all the comments from that URL to display anywhere.

Migrating Disqus Comments from Old Blog URL to New Blog URL using URL Mapper

URL Mapper is the feature Disqus provides in case you would like to shift your Disqus comments from one URL to another. So this is useful if you are changing your URL structure or even shifting your blog from Blogger to Wordpress.

disqus migrate threads feature

As you can seen from above image, Disqus provides an easy option to migrate your threads from from Domain URL or every single blog post URL. So in case you have some changes in your blog URL and you have changed its structure, then URL Mapper tool is helpful.

  1. Now first visit Disqus Thread Migration Page.
  2. Over here you need to click on the Start URL Mapper option.
  3. Inside that you will find a link to download your threads in .CSV format, you can press that and download your file.
  4. You need to add your URL’s in below format, comma separated URL’s those are correct.

    http://example.com/old-path/old/posta.html, http://example.com/new-path/new/posta.html


    http://example.com/old-path/old/postb.html, http://example.com/new-path/new/postb.html

  5. Bold one will be your new URL, just add it after the old one that have been changed.
  6. Make sure to add comma after every old URL and then add your new URL, on which you want your old thread to be shifted.
  7. After you have made all the changes, you need to navigate back to the same page and then upload your file once again. (TIP: you an use MSOffice Application to make this changes quickly using the Replace all feature, try it out)
  8. Now after you have uploaded the file, press Next Step button.
  9. This will start processing your .CSV file and it will take around 24 hours to process it and make all the necessary changes.

Now you can wait and see your Disqus Comments being migrated to new URL’s, in case of Domain URL change you can visit the same migrate page and you will see the first option for Domain URL change, just choose that and you can follow that too. I hope this helps you in making a smooth shift from Old URL to New URL, do comment below in case you face any issues following any step.