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03 July 2016

Easily Transfer Music & Videos to iPhone without iTunes

Owning an iOS device is great, you have a best performing device with awesome internals and gorgeous external design, but what lacks is the simplicity of transferring music and videos to your iPhone, the only way right now available is to use iTunes that gets outdated within few days and then you need to update it and there is a lot of hassle.

WALTR windows application for transfering music to iphone

Well what if I tell you there is an instant and fastest way to easily transfer music like .MP3 files and all the supported videos to your iPhone without using iTunes. Yes there is an awesome application that provides this ultimate media transfer experience.

WALTR Windows and MAC Application for Faster Media Transfers to iOS Device

WALTR is a simple to use Windows or MAC based application that helps you in transferring your media to your iOS device easily. Its fast and user friendly, it won’t make you made with its options, because it doesn’t have any, you just need to choose your files either drag them or upload them and that’s it your files will be uploaded directly to your device instantly without any issues.

WALTR Uploading Screen

Establishing connection is easy, you just need to have iTunes installed in your system but it needs to be closed (as stated by the creators) after that connect your device and it will detect the connection and show you the uploading screen.

Then you can simply drag and drop the contents you need to transfer to your iOS device and music will automatically be dropped in the music section and videos will be shown in the videos application. As you can see in the above screenshot how I transferred the music and it started to upload instantly.

WALTR Completion Screen

After your media transfer is successful you will see the above screen, that's it now you can disconnect your device and enjoy your media on your iOS device like the normal way.

Remember You need to have iTunes installed in your system, but it needs to be closed while you use WALTR Software.

Free Download WALTR

Check below video to see this software in action, how I easily manage to send a music file and a 123MB .mp4 file instantly to my device.

WALTR Windows Software Serial Keys, Genuine License Giveaway

Well we got 4 official license keys for the software and we will be providing those for free using the below giveaway, well the giveaway this time is changed to a different one, so you might find it little different but this is a new giveaway provider and we will be providing a review soon for this one too.

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So now start collecting the entries, you can connect your facebook account, I hope you will be the winner of this, do comment below in case you face any problem using the giveaway.