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08 July 2016

How to Disable or Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Windows 10 is great, its simple and clean design with modern touch based user interface makes it the best operating system upto date. You can do all that old stuff you used to do in Windows 7 and Windows XP but with style, its store is also nice you can download and play games, even apps play an important role.

stop windows 10 automatic updates

But one thing that makes it bad is its automatic updates. Yes its going to automatically download and install updates. Now I won’t day updates are bad but it makes you internet slow. Either you are browsing or downloading something, when windows starts updating you get a very low speed which makes you internet using experience bad and don’t forget if you are on a metered connection then it can get worse with all those updates costing you in terms of internet usage.

How to Disable Updates Automatically Installing Windows 10, Let’s check out !

This might be the question arising in your mind that how exactly you can stop those updates from getting installed in your system without even notifying you about their activities.

Well we have three extremely useful methods to stop, disable or turn off your automatic updates in windows 10 OS.

#1. Turning on Metered Connection Feature

The first is way is to enable the Metered Connection feature that will help you in freezing normal windows 10 updates, but beware most important one’s will still be downloaded.

  1. Navigate to Windows 10 Settings > Network & Internet.
    network and internet settings windows 10
  2. Now click on the Advanced Options and scroll little down where you will see the Metered Connection option.
    metered connection windows
  3. Just enable this option and you will be good with your updates being stopped or freezed for windows 10.

#2. Displaying and Hiding Updates with this Tool

There is a very handy tool available from Microsoft that helps you to show and hide the updates. So in case you are able to see some updates that you want to hide, you can do so with this tool, hence those updates will not be downloaded on your system.

Download Tool

  1. After you have downloaded the tool from above link.
  2. You run it and it will start to scan for the updates, then it will show you the option to ether Hide the Updates or Show Hidden One’s.
  3. So now you just hide all the updates that you do not want to download or install in future.

You can run this tool in future to see if the hidden updates are still hidden, else you can hide then once again, hence saving you internet bandwidth and increasing your speed.

#3. Using Group Policy Editor

Well make sure you are having Windows 10 PRO Edition for Group Policy Editor to work, other versions do not include this feature.

  1. Press Win Key + R to open the RUN dialog.
  2. Now type gpedit.msc to open the Group Policy Editor.
  3. After you have the Group Policy Editor opened, simple navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.
  4. Now you will see Configure Automatic Updates, double click on that to open further more options.
  5. On the left hand side, you will see the Enable, Disable option.
  6. Choose the Enabled option and then choose your settings from below, either to Notify you about the Updates or Download them automatically.
  7. After you have made all the settings, you press the Apply button and then press on OK.

That's it guys, now you windows 10 updates will not install automatically on their own, either they will notify you depends on the settings you have done, or else they won’t be downloaded at all. I hope this will help you to save your Internet Bandwidth and get some nice increase in your internet speed.