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26 August 2016

Automatically Convert your Links into Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is the word you all might have heard when entering into the field of blogging. Either you are an amateur or PRO you might have tried your luck into affiliate marketing. Many of you got success, and many were just happy with Adsense due to its simplicity of working model. But many individuals are not using Adsense but making millions using affiliate marketing.

automatically convert normal links into affiliate links

What is Affiliate Marketing and how to get Success in Affiliate Marketing?

This might be the question arising in your mind that what is affiliate marketing and what you can do with it, how you can make your living out of it and everything else.

Affiliate marketing in simple words is a way to promote or pitch products to your dear ones, either friends, family members or any individual who might be reading your blog on a daily basis by producing an excellent review about it, if you have used it and suggesting them the best things about that product.

Like PROS and CONS and nice features about that product, or something that can benefit them in the long run.

And then as soon as he purchases that product using your link, as you are the referrer for that product, you will be awarded some commission, for selling that product. It's as simple as that.

Which are the best Sites to Start with Affiliate Marketing for Indians and Others?

Now I have covered 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Indians, you can check all those in case you are from India and for rest of the people, you can step into anything, like the one I have mentioned in the above post is Amazon.in which is for India but for others Amazon.com is the place to start with and its the best place.

Why Amazon.com because it serves every single product and you can write a good topic on any product, or even review those products and let people purchase those products using your link.

How to Automate the Process Converting Links into Affiliate Links in any Website

So now as the title states lets jump back in to the point for which we are writing this post. How we can actually remove the hard work of adding affiliate links everytime, instead converting every possible link into affiliate link automatically, well there are services for that.

Yes, you heard it right there are two best know online services that can complete this hard work and make every possible link into affiliate link and provide you commissions for every sale you do.

Cuelinks – Best for Indian Traffic and Converts Normal Links into Affiliate Links

Cuelinks the service you need if you have some serious Indian traffic, they have tie-ups with approx. 2500+ websites. So possibly what ever you might be posting with a link to a website might be a possible affiliate link but converting all of them is a headache and cuelinks removes that hard work.

Check below demo video of cuelinks to have a more clear look at how cuelinks actually works.

You implement a small script and all your normal links will be converted into affiliate links, dam! awesome right.

cuelinks dashboard screenshot

I have been working with cuelinks from around 6 months now and you can see the screenshot above what all I have made using this service.

2016-08-26 16_37_18-Settings

If you are concerned about the clicks I got for making this much money, then check above screenshot. Apart from keywords converting into affiliate links, you can also use there widgets that display awesome deals and coupons created directly from your personal link.

For creating widget you can go to the Widgets section and create your deals or coupons widget and add that to your sidebar or anywhere inside the post, this way people can easily see good awesome deals and purchase them using your affiliate link.

Sign-Up for Cuelinks

So if you have a good amount of traffic specially from India, then cuelinks would work great for you and will for sure convert some sales and provide you good money.

Viglinks is another Links Conversion Service that converts your Links into Affiliate Links

Apart from Cuelinks if you have a wordwide traffic the Viglinks is going to work great for you, its more popular then Cuelinks and as merchants from across the globe.

viglinks affiliate links conversion service

So if you have a good traffic from outside India then you can use Viglink service and enjoy some awesome affiliate sales.

Sign-Up for Viglink

You can sign-up for a free account for Viglink and then navigate to its Install Tab to get your script that you need to add to your website to get started using Viglink.

viglink installation page

You can then choose your platform on which you wish to install Viglink and copy the code, after you paste that code right above </body> tag if you are blogger or wordpress or any other site.

You can enter your website URL below and press the Check option to see if your code is install properly.

Then you are up and running Viglink, now every possible link that can be converted into Affiliate Link will be converted automatically and you can easily get some sales coming.

So guys these two were the best service’s that can convert your normal websites link into possible affiliate link and make you some extra money. Just Sign-Up and add these to your website, and make money beyond adsense. So I hope you enjoyed reading this post, do share this post with your friends and I will see you next time.