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01 September 2016

Submit Blogger's Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Google and other search engines are already into your blog from the time you HIT that create new blog button. They know about your blog and they can easily crawl every single page of your blog but its important to submit a sitemap about your blog that makes it much more easier for search engines like Google to index your content and send you more relevant traffic.

submit bloggers sitemap to google webmasters tools

I have covered earlier how you can easily submit your blogger’s sitemap to major search engines using a free and simple online tool, but today we will talk about Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools is a free and very efficient way to know more about your site, about the traffic you are getting and on what all keywords your site is ranking.

Well there are many other ways to know all these things like using Google Analytics or even using some free SEO Tools online. But still to have something on automation and that too for free makes your blogging life a breeze, that’s why we trust Google Webmasters Tools for maintaining out website data and displaying us everything about it.

So lets see how you can Submit your Sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools and make indexing of your blog a lot easier and faster.

Remember Its normal if you have not opted for a Custom Domain for your blogger but its can really improve your rankings if you opt for a Custom Domain, its easy to add custom domain to blogger and its cheap too, it even helps you to get your adsense approved.

Easily Submit your Blogger’s POSTS and PAGES Sitemap to Webmasters Tools

Yeah you heard it right, Blogger has also introduced Page’s Sitemap that show all the pages and helps them index better in search engines. So lets see how its all done and how you can do it easily for your Blogger’s Blog.

How to Submit your Blog to Google Webmasters Tool

First its important to submit your blog or property to Google Webmasters Tools, in order to submit sitemaps and see all the analytics about your blog, lets see how its done.

  1. Open Webmasters Tools and if you have still not submitted your blog then do that by Pressing the Add A Property option and them choosing the way by which you can verify your blog.
    webmasters tools submit a property
  2. Just enter your blog’s URL and press on the Add option.
  3. Now it will present you the options by which you can verify your blog. Just select the HTML tag option and copy the small code.
  4. Now open Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  5. Press Ctrl + F and search for <head> tag & paste the copied code below this tag.
  6. Now press Save Template and navigate back to Webmasters Tools and click the verify option.
  7. That’s it now your blog will be verified and added in Google Webmasters Tools console.

How to Submit Blogger Blog’s Sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools

Now lets jump to this step after you have successfully verified your blog in Google Webmasters Tools. Now you need to submit two types of sitemaps one is for Blogger Posts and other one is for Blogger Pages, all the pages you might have created in Blogger.

Submitting Blogger Posts Sitemap to Webmaster Tools

Lets first of all star with Blogger POSTS sitemap, this will index all the posts you have currently posted on your blogger blog. so lets see how you can submit sitemap for that.

As blogger has introduced a clean sitemap path, that means adding /sitemap.xml will open sitemap for your blog. Either you are on .blogspot.com or using a custom domain, this works same for both. So for example: HackingUniversity’s Sitemap would open using the below path.


Now you can just replace the bold text above with your site and your sitemap will open. This is the link that you need to copy.

  1. After copying that visit Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Click on your Property and then from the left click on Crawl and choose Sitemap option.
  3. Just click on the Add/Test Sitemap option and enter sitemap.xml, then press on Submit.
  4. Now it will take max one day to get all your posts indexed in this Sitemap page and you will see the exact stats about your sitemaps and posts that are indexed in Google.

Submitting Blogger Pages Sitemap to Webmaster Tools

Procedure is same like above but instead of typing sitemap.xml you need to type sitemap-pages.xml to get sitemap for your blogger pages. This will index all the pages you have in blogger.

So guys this was on whole how you can submit your blogger posts and pages sitemap in Google Webmasters Tools, I hope this will help you in indexing your posts and pages faster in Google and even increasing your blog traffic drastically. Do comment in case you face any issues following above procedure I would be happy to help.