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27 September 2016

Simple Trick to Remove 4GB Limit from Reliance JIO 4G

If you have opted for Reliance JIO 4G at its initial release then you might have enjoyed unlimited downloading without any CAP like we can see right now in the Welcome Offer which is free but still 4GB is allowed to be downloaded at 4g speeds after that your speeds are taken down to approx. 128kbps. Now 4GB is a good amount of data but when you are downloading some heavy software's and movies then this limit can easily exhaust.

remove 4gb limit from reliance jio 4g

Solution to this problem is to remove the limit and download unlimited data on daily basis. Well we can do that easily using a simple trick, so lets see below.

How to Convert Reliance JIO 4G from Welcome Offer to Preview Offer

Yes you get it right we will be converting our welcome offer to preview offer that offers unlimited data on daily basis without any speed or data caps, this can done using the old MyJIO application.

Trick is checked and claimed to be working on android devices, iOS devices might not be in luck for right now.

Download MyJIO 3.2.05 Old .APK for Android for Free Direct Download Link

For this trick to work you will require the old MyJIO Application, well we have uploaded the file MyJIO 3.2.05 Old .APK to Mega.co.nz so you can grab it from there, below is the link press that and download the file from Mega.co.nz server, its free.

Download MyJIO 3.2.05 .APK

You can watch below embedded video tutorial for easier understanding on how its done or you can follow below steps also.

  1. After downloading the old MyJIO 3.2.05 application for your android device using the above link, make sure to uninstall any previously installed MyJIO application.
  2. Now turn off your internet connection, its very important that your internet should not be working.
  3. After that install the old MyJIO application you have just downloaded.
  4. Open your MyJIO app and it will popup No Internet Connection Found.
  5. Now comes the major step, you need to turn on the internet connection and instantly click the skip option.
  6. Its very important that with 1 second you click the SKIP Option else it will start updating your application.
  7. If you fail to do so, you will have to clear the app data and re-complete everything above again.
  8. After you have skipped you need to install all the other MyJIO Applications.
  9. Do that then turn off your data connection, now open your MyJIO application and click on Get JIO SIM.
  10. Re-Enable your Data Connection and Skip Login, you will be automatically logged in to the application.
  11. The best you will have Preview Offer available and activated for your number that means, no 4GB limit anymore.

So guys this was all for this tutorial, I hope you will be able to remove the 4GB data cap limit from your MyJIO account and will be able to convert from Welcome Offer to Preview Offer. In case you face any troublesome issues, do add a remark below. Above video might be more useful in easier understanding the steps.