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30 August 2017

My Device App Provides Complete Information about your Android Phone

Whatever the case, either you are reviewing a device or you are just using an Android Device, someday you just need access to all the information related to your device, how the battery is working, what all tech is available on your device, what all features you were promised and are you getting all those features and everything relating System and Chip (Soc) is available with My Device Free app for android phones.

my device app for android free downloadmy device app for android showing free information for free download

What all information can be accessed using My Device Android App ?

Now the question what sort of information can you access using this free application, well there’s plenty of it, not to mention that its just like a X-Ray machine that will scan everything out of your device, so its a must have application, well still if you need to know what all you can get then its mentioned below.

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  • From the device point you can get to know about brand, manufacturer, model, board type, serial number, android ID, screen resolution, boot loader and lot more.
  • From OS you can get to know the name, version, firmware version, release date, built ID, built date, fingerprint and lot more.
  • From CPU you can get CPU Model, RAM Usage, Serial, CPU Port, Hardware Model, ABI, CPU Implementer and much more.
  • Then comes the Battery, you can get to know about battery type battery health, 0battery level, power source, temperature and much more.
  • A lot more stuff can be discovered related to storage, network, camera, sensors, more features and many things about user apps and system apps.

Download My Device App Free for your Android Devices

My Device App for Android is available for free and you can easily install the application using the link below and start exploring all the features that come equipped with your device. I am sure you are gong to explore a lot more then what you had at the time of purchasing your device.

Application Link

So guys this wraps the post and we are once again on our journey to find next interesting post, do comment if you enjoyed this post, we will be very happy to see your remarks about this application and if you face any sort issues, installing the application do let us know & not to mention do share this post with your friends.