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29 August 2017

7 Best & Awesome WhatsApp Features Coming Soon to WhatsApp

WhatsApp has always been the first and foremost option in sharing messages, videos and photos with all your friends for free using Internet. There is no doubt many of the features I am going to discuss might be present in one or other app like Telegram, Viber and some other competitor app that are always trying to introduce new features in order to bypass WhatsApp’s popularity but nothing has ever come across WhatsApp in terms of its user base. People still love using the application and that is why its creators are always trying to introduce something new and engaging.

7 best features coming to whatsapp

7 New Features that are going to be Launched by WhatsApp Soon

We have come across a video on Facebook that shows 7 features that are going to released soon by WhatsApp in their update bringing some amazing things for everyone.

#1. Edit & Unsend Messages

Yes you will be able to edit or unsend those accidently send messages, documents, videos or whatever, this might be useful when people are drunk and accidently sends someone message that can fill them with hatred.

#2. Proper YouTube Integration

Yes you will be able to copy the youtube video link and paste it to enable the picture in picture mode for youtube videos, so playing could be easy, awesome and fun.

#3. UPI based Money Transactions

Money transfer without any hassle with UPI Integrations, this feature was what I was talking about, now you will not have to shift apps to send money for those movie tickets, its will be easier and much more convenient for people to send money either directly to person or in groups, whatsapp is in talks with government regarding the UPI integrations.

#4. Verified Business Profiles

Yes now you can be sure to link to your profile as a business and this will allow people to trust you with that verified badge that could only be given after successful verification.

#5. Instagram styled Stickers

WhatsApp will soon have stickers in their stories inspired from Instagram, yes now you don’t have to switch to Instagram to love all those stickers, you will be getting those in WhatsApp as well.

#6. Switching from Voice to Video Call

Made a voice call to your friend, immediately want to shift, now you do not have to cancel the call and dial the video call again, you will be able to shift from voice to video call easily with this new feature.

#7. Live Location Sharing

Ahhh, I just need this feature, travelling with your friends and they have found a BAR and went in, while you were just having your corns, yes this feature could easily share live location in whatsapp and you can easily track where they are having their pitcher of godly BEER.