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26 August 2017

How to Check & Verify if GST Number Holder is Genuine & Registered

GST (Goods and Services TAX) has been implied and people have gone crazy on how its going to work and what not. If you earlier owned a TIN number then you need get a GST number as its a upgraded version of it. But if you are an individual and you are purchasing something then its very important to check and verify if the person charging you TAX is really a verified person or he is just a FAKE vendor.

gst number

If he is a FAKE vendor and has printed a GST number on his bill format then he might be duping you with TAX and keeping that right in his pocket, well BIG vendors cannot be said to be FAKE because they are easily targeted by Sales TAX Officers but small vendors are just non-traceable, they can easily shift their premises, make a change in nature of business and what not.

How to Detect if a GST Registered Vendor is Fake or Not ?

Well detection is quiet easy, we have an online portal, maintained by government, that allows you to track all the vendors with GST number and shows you if their details are registered or not. It shows their name, registration date and all the essential information needs to track with his GST number. Follow below steps to see how you can Search for any GST Number and check all the details.

  1. You need to visit https://services.gst.gov.in/services/searchtp, this is a government portal that allows you search for the Taxpayer who is registered with GST.
  2. Now you need to enter the GST Number that you need to search. You can see the number on their Bill or letter head whichever is available.search taxpayer with gst number
  3. So as you enter the GST number, another field will be shown where you need to enter the those twisted characters, just enter those and press the SEARCH button.
  4. Now within seconds details will be loaded for that TAXPAYER who is registered under GST. Check below screenshot, how all the details are shown.taxpayer details shown using gst number
  5. If details are shown, you can easily match the Name on Bill with Legal Name of Business shown in the site after you enter the GST number.

So now you can be sure that the business is registered and whatever TAX he is collecting will be given to the government for the nation’s development. I hope this post will help you out, in case you find this post really helpful, do comment below and share this post will all your friends.