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28 August 2017

Schedule WhatsApp Messages, Emails and SMS on Android Phones

If you are likely to mess up remembering birthday of your girlfriend, parents, friends or any relative then you can schedule a nice birthday message for them right now using this simple application that allows to schedule your whatsapp messages, emails or normal SMS messages to be sent later at any time. Apart from greetings you can also use this application on your android device to schedule morning greetings messages, good night messages and anything that seems important to you.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones

As I have said, you can schedule all your messages, either its a normal message or a WhatsApp Message, even mails can be configured to be scheduled easily using this simple and free application, so now its going to be quiet easy for you to greet anyone anytime you want.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages & Send them Anytime you Want on Android

The name of the application is SQEDit Scheduling App and it does all the magic for you. Its helps you in saving time, you can easily set reminders as your day starts and then eventually all your messages will be send automatically. Its helps you to boost your productivity and even makes you stay organized. On the whole whole communication is automated and hence no stress is found while scheduling messages either on whatsapp or even normal message.

How to Download & Use SQEDit Application for Free on Android Phones

You can download SQEDit Scheduling App for your Android Devices using the link given below, after you have downloaded the application, you can simply follow below steps to see how it works.

Download SQEDit App

  1. So after you have downloaded and installed the application on your android device using the above link. You need to follow below steps.
  2. Now you need to open the application and Sign In using your facebook Account, its simple, you just click the Facebook Login option, enter your credentials, then give access to the app.
  3. After you have signed in, the app will ask for permissions, you need to grant those permissions by pressing the Allow option.allow-contact-scheduleschedule-whatsapp-message
  4. Another important setting that you need to tweak will pop up right after the above settings, and its really important to Toggle this setting. Now you need to configure the “Accessibility Settings”, so just press the “Open Settings” option that pops up like in the below image.setting-schedule-whatsapp
  5. Just look for the SQEDit App and toggle its option from OFF to ON.toggle sqedit option from off to on in accessibility settings
  6. Now major part is done, and FUN part starts right now, now you will see all the services that you can add into your list, that you wish to use.choose whatsapp service in sqedit app to schedule its messages
  7. As you can see I have chosen the WhatsApp App, now after you choose any app, just press the Done key to confirm and move to the next screen.
  8. Now just choose the number on which you need to send your message and then type down your message, its that easy, after that choose appropriate date and time, then press the “Schedule” option.schedule-whatsapp-messages
  9. The last Fifth option by default stays on manual mode, so as soon as time comes you will get a popup displaying your message that you are about to send, so you can make any sort of corrections if you want too, you can enable this and send messages automatically, it all depends on you.

Now your messages will be schedules for whatsapp and they will send and delivered automatically, only you need to have active internet connection. So this whole process will be similar to normal messages, call reminders and even emails. So what are you waiting for you, just jump in and start scheduling your messages for whatsapp. Enjoyed this post do share this post with all your friends.