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21 April 2020

Get Gaana Music Streaming Service Free 90 Days Subscription

Gaana.com a quiet popular music streaming service is running another promotional offer that provides you with free 90 days or 3 months of music streaming service, earlier we posted about the Avira Premium Security Suite that is also being provided free for 3 months. If you are avid music listener then Gaana App for music streaming would be familiar to you, it provides you with High Definition Music Streaming on any of your device. The best part about Gaana.com is that its service is available on desktop also, so you can play songs on your desktop too.

gaana.com free 90 days subscription

How to Claim Gaana Free 90 Days Subscription

If you were already looking for some free music streaming service then your search ends here, lets get onto it on how you can claim your free subscription for Gaana.com free 90 days or 3 months music streaming service easily using promotional code.

  1. Visit Gaana.com Code Redemption Page
  2. Now you need to first Sign-In using Facebook or any other social sign-in option, or if you already have your account, just Sign-In.
  3. After you have Signed In you will be once again on the Redemption Page, else you can again click on the above link and re-visit that page. gaana.com free 90 days subscription
  4. Now you need to enter the below code like in the above image. So below promo code allows you to claim your free 90 days of Gaana.com Premium Subscription. UJJIVANGAANA
  5. After you have entered the above code, you will see a Popup like below, so it states you get 3 months of free Gaana Subscription to get click on Proceed. gaana.com free 90 days subscription
  6. Just click on Proceed, now it will show you all the plan and will require your debit card to verify you & will deduct Rs.1/- from your card, that will be refunded back. (So choose any plan, as we will cancel that, in case you do not want to renew your subscription) gaana.com free 90 days subscription
  7. You can choose any plan, that does not matter, in case you will Cancel before 90 days., So choose any plan and press on Pay Now to get to below Credentials entering screen. gaana.com free 90 days subscription
  8. Enter your details and verify, Rs.1/- will get deducted and will be refunded back to you immediately, so now you will have 90 days of free premium Gaana Subscription with you.
  9. Make sure you cancel before 90 days if you are not interested to renew, else it will deduct amount automatically from your account.

That's how you claim your free 90 days of Gaana Subscription using a simple promo code, thanks to Gaana.com for helping people stay chill and relaxed in this lockdown stage, well you have many more ways to stay relaxed during lockdown.