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20 April 2020

Remove Photo Background Automatically without Photoshop

If you have come across a situation where you have to remove the background from an entire image using photoshop, you know its a techy process and needs consistent hands to do so and you also need skills and proper knowledge on how to use photoshop, but what if I say that you can do that same thing, remove background from an entire image using AI (Artificial Intelligence) well yes there are many sites that allows you to do so, you can simply upload your image and your background will removed automatically from that entire image without even touching any parts of that image.

6 Sites for Removing Image Background Automatically

Yes we have a list of top 6 sites that you can use on the internet that automatically detects your image and removes the background from that entire image using the AI (Artificial Intelligence), yes these have some software running in the background that does all these nifty tricks. I have tried them all and I am listing from Best to Average on how they perform.

  1. Remove.bg - I have tested this site and it worked flawlessly, the image posted above is from Remove.bg. I tried to remove the background from that lady and added few more awesome images right from that site, yes you have the option to add backgrounds or colours to the image after you have removed the background from that image. You simply have to visit the site and on the homepage you will see the image uploading option, click that and upload your image, now wait for few seconds and voila your image will be processed and background will be removed automatically. Now you can click on the Edit option and add any of the background or Color you like and then you can download the image. The downside is that in free version, size of the converted image is pretty small. remove.bg automatically background remover
  2. BGEraser.com - this is another trusted site and it works great, but the limitations with this site is that without signing up onto their site you only have the option to upload your image with 800 x 800 resolution, so if you have this resolution you are good to go but if your image is larger then this size then you can Login onto their site and use their service.
  3. ClippingMagic.com - is another site that allows you to remove any background from an entire image and also provides you with options to make changes to edited image, you can change the pattern, undo and redo your changes, I have tried but accuracy is not upto the mark as Remove.bg so you can give this a try, but there is a downside the edited image contains a watermark, so you need to aware about that, you have to pay to use its full service. clipping magic automatically removes background from an image
  4. PhotoScissors.com - also automates your process of editing images and removing their backgrounds using the AI technology, it also provides you with option to mask the image if you find that the edited image is not properly done. You can download the image in Low Resolution with free version but if you need the high quality image then you have to use the paid version for that. photo scissors automatically removes background from image
  5. BackgroundBurner - could also be used in order to remove backgrounds from your images but I did not see it fit well with images, every time I tried there few bits left to fix, well yes you have the option to fix those but what's the point when you have other services that does your JOB perfectly. But you can give it a try maybe your images could process in more efficient way. But you need to sign-up to download your images using this service. background burner image background removing service
  6. Malabi.co - this is the last site in this list, I have mentioned this at last as they have a notice on their site that after 30th April they are shutting down their service, I tried using their service it works but they have Watermarks on the images you have edited using their service.

So these were all the sites that will allow you to remove backgrounds from your images automatically using the artificial intelligence. Try them out and if you have any other site that works best, please do comment below, so that I can add those sites to this list, ENJOY.