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08 April 2020

Trick to Get Free 10GB Internet Data for Reliance JIO Users

Reliance JIO expanded quickly and marked its presence when it introduced free calling to any network with free data on daily basis and people loved it, we were now able to make calls and forget to disconnect the call before another minute could pass as we were charged for every single minute earlier. But then came the IUC charges and everything went to normal as earlier but still good amount of drop in prices and telecom war gave us huge extra minutes to chop in your words and get things going on. Well now we even have free unlimited calling packs from Airtel that could be useful for any prepaid user who really loves to chat around with his friends.

free 10gb data on reliance jio network rtick

But today we will talk about Reliance JIO and a simple trick that will help you in getting 10GB of free Internet Data on your device with ease, well this works for all JIO users but few can have some issues, it all depends on states and few other criteria's but you can still give it a try. Now this free data add-on pack has been claimed to be a token of appreciation for the JIO TV users, as you have started using it they are providing their gratitude towards you by providing you with free data. And yes I am JIO TV user and I love using JIO TV, it really has some quality content, well yes content is less right now but still it works.

Get Free 10GB Internet Data on JIO Network

So guys today we will cover this simple trick on how to get free 10GB internet data on your Reliance JIO Network, there are 2 methods on how you can claim your free data. So lets get into it and see all those methods. Remember the validity of this data is same as your plan.

#1. Method to Claim 10GB Free JIO Data

  1. Install My JIO App, if you are already have that then clear the data & cache of the app.
  2. Now you can SKIP the Login (but make sure you are using the JIO Sim)
  3. Just click on the 3 lines on top left and click on the My Plans option.
  4. Here you will see the Claim 2GB data option per day, just click that and claim your data.
  5. You can claim that for free everyday and 10GB total in 5 days.

#2. Method to Claim 10GB Free JIO Data

  1. Dial 1299 Toll Free Number from your JIO Phone.
  2. When connected, just listen all the instruction, if you get any option to claim the data press that.
  3. Or after the call is disconnected you will get 10GB add-on pack to claim use MY JIO app.

How to Check your 10GB Data Pack in JIO

To check if you got the 10GB data, you need to navigate to your MY JIO app and head over to data add-ons to check if you have 10GB data in your account and what amount you have used out of it. So this complete our full tutorial, do let me know if this worked for you in the comments section below, if you have any other concerns do let me know about that too.