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08 April 2020

Get Free 5000GB OneDrive Storage with Full Office 365 Excess

OneDrive is a cloud platform by Microsoft just like Google Drive but it provides little less storage then Google Drive, in my personal account I am having like 5GB of storage whereas in my Google Drive I am having 19GB of storage that's really good. But what about getting 5TB (5000GB) of free storage and Office 365 full access from Microsoft for free. Well yes we have an educational article today as this is for all the students out there trying to upload some pirated stuff and sharing them with their friends :p, just joking you can upload your files (any files) you can use the office and all your files will be stored in OneDrive and you can access it anytime from anywhere using any device.

One Drive 5TB Storage

As you can see in the above image the space allotted to you is huge its like 5120GB and I have tested to upload the files and even share them it works, you are probably going to see some download links on our site using OneDrive as I was searching for some platform where I could get huge space for free. Well I got this one and yes it works. Well now lets move onto steps to get this storage and all the features. Just check below steps and claim your space right now.

Claim 5TB Free OneDrive Cloud Storage

Well now to claim this storage you will obviously require a students email as this is for educational purpose and normal people cannot claim it, so if you have students email then its fine and you can proceed with further steps or else we have a workaround to get the email that works and claim that hefty storage option.

  1. Visit http://xkx.me to get your temporary students email.     temporary students email service
  2. As you can see in the above image just copy your generated email address and keep this open.
  3. Now visit Microsoft Education Products Registration Pagemicrosoft registration page
  4. Enter your copied email address in the “Enter your school email address” field and press GET STARTED.
  5. Now you will be taken to another page where you need to enter your password that you want to keep and verification code that was sent to your email entered, now navigate back to the email creation page and you will get an email from Microsoft containing your code.
  6. Copy that code paste it in the verification code field on the Microsoft site and your account will be created.
  7. Now important step is that your account creation takes around 15-20 Minutes to configure everything like One Drive and everything, so you need to wait for it to complete the whole process, till then you should click on the My Account option under your name and complete the security steps, its important, for authentication email you can add your primary mail either Gmail or whatever you are using and even choose security questions that will help in re-gaining access if you forget your password.
  8. Another thing is to make sure that you store this email address in Notepad or somewhere because this will be required by you to login to your Microsoft account.

So guys now your account is created with Microsoft and you will have full 5120GB of free online cloud storage that you can utilize the way to want to. Please make sure not to spam this else your account could be taken down, make sure to comment if you find anything you did not understand, I will be happy to help you out.