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How to Remove Popup Ads from Free Avira Antivirus

Avira was the first ever company to introduce the free antivirus concept and yes they were and still are considered to be the best in providing good detection rate and reliable security but I do not agree with that as with free antivirus you are going to get a lot more free goodies like pop ups, well yes with this post we are going to block all those popups coming from avira antivirus but still if you want to go with the world class security for free then bitdefender free antivirus is your option, I personally use it and it works like a charm.

Cheat Flick Home Run iOS Game for Unlimited Points

Flick Home Run is an awesome iOS Free game, that is similar to batting bowls just like in cricket but with a twist, now the bat you are using is your finger and you have to hit the bard hard enough to get a home run or score a long distance shot, the more points you get the more power ups you can give to your finger hence which allows you to get your bowl to travel a longer distance and make some records, now for a while you will enjoy the game but later it becomes a lot hectic to get higher score and hence get some power ups.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Free 6 Months Serial Key

Once again Bitdefender has launched a promotional offer of providing you with free 6 months serial key for its Antivirus for MAC, well earlier I have posted Bitdefender for windows with free 6 months license and even use the free version of Bitdefender which is very light and does not require any additional space on your system, you can utilize that in case you do not want to invest a single penny in protection of your computer that's going to work superb.

MP3 Toolkit Free Full Version with Serial Key Download

MP3 Toolkit is a collection of modules that consists of everything you require for daily fundamental MP3 modifying and converting. Besides conventional MP3 format, MP3 Toolkit supports the majority of popular audio & video formats like WMA, WMV, MP4, WAV, OGG, FLV and more, likewise supports high quality audio like FLAC and APE.

Happy Diwali Status Updates for Facebook & WhatsApp

Diwali is the festival of lights and people love to share happiness with everyone, this same applies for our blogger brothers so we even try to add some awesome widgets on out blog to greet every single loyal reader, well but today I will be sharing some amazing Happy Diwali status updates, Happy Diwali quotes, exclusively for Facebook and WhatsApp as these are the major streams for people to interact with each other, so you can also check out some other awesome Punjabi status collection and even 101 funny facebook status updates, you will like them too.

Greet your Visitors this Diwali with these Blogger Widgets

diwali candleSo guys Diwali is coming the festival of lights and I think you all might have planned something nourishing for this occasion, well I thought I should post something for my fellow website publishers who are planning to embed something good for this occasion right on their blog, well I found 3 good widgets you can say the one is fireworks, the second one is the rocket bottom to top scrolling widget and the last one is a simple greeting but really looks good with its pleasant sound effects.

I have even posted some nice greeting messages for your whatsapp and facebook friends that you can use to greet them this Diwali, those are simple messages and can be copied and posted easily.

Chrome Cleanup Tool Helps you in Cleaning Adware's

Adware's are the worst part one can get in their internet journey, browsing, surfing and downloading makes you feel happy but still there are many online threats that might be sneaking in and trying to get inside your computer without even giving you a single notice or so, well we have already posted a nice adware removing utility that you can use to remove all those adware's from your PC, even if your browser are infected either its chrome, Firefox or whatever this utility can remove every single dam toolbar or so from your computer.

Use Adobe Photoshop Image Editing Software Online

I do not negate the power of desktop image editing software application like Photoshop or others. The benefit of these desktop software application is you can work offline and have capability to open and edit high resolution images without a stutter. The drawback is you can just access your images from your computer system, it does not support to sync your images to the cloud, which enables you to access your pictures from anywhere.

Remove Old Chrome Version Files & Save Disk Space

Chrome regularly releases updates to fix security and stability issues, so everytime you update your chrome browser older versions are updated to the new version but files are not deleted so it simply increases the disk space and hence your PC can get slower by increasing disk space day by day. So ShaneGowland has released a small tool to remove them automatically.

Kaspersky Free Virus Removal Tool for Windows Download

Kaspersky the king of security suite atleast by the reputation is again topping the virus removal race with its best in class technology, well still I believe Bitdefender is considered as the best security suite ever created and it has its own reputation of making some badass products. Like we have posted earlier top 5 antivirus suites that can protect your computer from any ongoing threat. And if you choose any one of them we have even provided you with free version of all the security suites available, download Kaspersky free for 3 months and even the bitdefender security suite is available for free 6 months straight.