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13 July 2017

Blogger Conditional Tags b:if and b:else for More Blog Customizations

Earlier when I started to blog, I was not aware about the different platforms on which we can establish blog, I just came across the Blogger platform and as I was short on money I thought this free option was great. We can easily add a nice template, add gadgets, widgets and pretty much every sort of HTML and CSS based customizations could be done on blogger platform. But after a while of blogging and getting deep into it, I came across another big thing that really matters “SEO”

04 July 2017

How to Bypass or Remove Mi Cloud Verification on Mi Phones

These cloud based services launched firstly launched by Apple to protect owners devices from falling into wrong hands and even providing you with awesome cloud backup services is GOOD no doubt but sometimes it feels pain in ass and for Apple still there are no tools available to bypass or remove Apple’s iCloud Account verification. But as you know Mi has also launched the cloud services and if by luck you are stuck with the Mi cloud verification process, not matter what the case was then we have a nice tool that could easily bypass or remove the Mi cloud verification service and allow you to use that phone easily.

Get Reliance JIO Network Tower Installed & Earn Monthly Income

Want to make some monthly recurring income and even make your JIO network strong, well then its time to pass your land to them and let them install their network tower at your place for more strong network coverage and even for making some extra monthly cash. Not only you will be able to get a price for your land but one of your family would even land a JOB in Reliance JIO Network for around Rs.15000/- as a starting salary. So if you are interested then continue reading the full post.

27 June 2017

How to Completely Clean your Android Device before Selling

Privacy matters and you might have some serious confidential documents stored on your android device that you won’t like to be shared with a stranger who might be purchasing your phone. Its better to take measures before you sell your phone to any dealer or individual. All your documents, phones, videos can be leaked and shared without your consent. Many antivirus solutions for android devices provide complete erase solution, you can find one or we have some useful points that will help you in completely wiping and cleaning your android device before passing it into the market space.

Top 9 Websites for Watching Movies Streaming Online for Free

All of us adore the thought of viewing films with a pc and also simply your net connection with no strings connected. While a few of you could believe this is perhaps not authorized, I would say why not try something illegal services that's provided by all the sites. There are a lot of web sites which supply to view films on the internet you don't have to sign up as well as in few clicks you might be in the picture stadium. So we have tried our best to cover the best one's, so check them out.

Top Websites for Streaming Movies for Free

So right now the list is big and its expanding day by day, so you might see a change in the list as new websites are jumping in, well you can also check out the Popcorn Time application for windows, that streams 720P and 1080P movies for free and straight away to your PC using torrent files. Well for now check the list.

26 June 2017

50+ Motivational Songs for Boosting your GYM Workout

Songs have some real powers in boosting anyone’s mind. If you are in love listening to some lovely romantic songs could enhance the pleasure of being in love and if you are listening to some rock based genre then its going to pump up your inner Desi personality. Well there are many websites that you can use to listen to some nice songs, if you love the remix songs then Soundcloud is dam awesome site where people usually upload the remixed version of any song. I have posted a simple trick to download songs from soundcloud for free.

25 June 2017

Download Doodle Army 2 Modded .APK for Unlimited Cash & Hacks

Doodle Army 2 - Mini Militia has once again updated to the most recent variation that popped out on June 22, 2017 on Google Play is Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia v3.0.147 that featured some additions along numerous other enhancements like gamer count has actually been repaired that was revealing incorrect points previously as well as there are some enhancements with the server too for multiplayer. Well with this most current upgrade we likewise handled to bring Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 3.0.147 mod apk that is loaded with limitless cash and things for a limitless enjoyable in the video game. So keep scrolling down to understand more about Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia and its mod apk.

22 June 2017

20+ Mind Blowing Geometric Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

Tattoos by many are considered as wrong practice as they say that it harms your body internally and can even give some long run diseases. But people these days have modern thoughts and love to decorate their body loved one’s name, styling their own name, quoting something famous or getting a celebrity printed for life. I have already posted 10 Japanese Tattoo Designs that you look at and even learn the meaning of all and even 50 Small Tattoo Ideas for those hiding behind hair design.

18 June 2017

Top 20 Most Expensive Sizzling Cars in the World 2017

If you are a car lover and love all those fastest cars on the streets, then this post would surely be to your taste. We would be covering Top 20 Most Expensive Cars in the World right now in 2017. Many of these cars have made their name of the most expensive cars ever title, but as the innovation goes on and TESLA getting into the field by producing world's fastest electric vehicles, who know where future is going to take us and what all surprises are there for us.

10 Simple Rules to follow for Achieving Success in your Life

Success won’t come easy unless you have worked hard for it, it's like working on passionately with all your devotion and never seeking anything profitable from it, as you know it's going to come to you automatically. But still motivation is the key to achieving high success in life, and that’s exactly we are going to discuss in this post, well we are going to cover 10 simple but highly effective rules that you need to follow to get success in life.