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06 December 2017

4 Types of Writers to Avoid while Buying College Papers & Essay Online

Your need to buy college papers online on is justified when you hire a true expert writer, who can cope with any assignment difficulty. As a result, you get a perfect and quite cheap essay example that can be effectively used to improve your English paper plan. However, finding THE ONE may be a quite tricky thing, you know… There are many professional websites that offer writers from around the globe to help students write various tasks. But not all penmen are good enough to deliver the best sample.

21 November 2017

7 Amazing Hacks for your MAC Device that Justifies you as a GEEK

Mac is showing to be by far the very best and effective device on the marketplace today. There are numerous things that your Mac can do and you are not even familiar with them. Your Mac includes many terrific functions that it is truly not possible to understand them all. There is a great deal of things on your Mac that you may unknown. It can do a great deal of things varying from taking simple and easy screenshots to simple access to the dictionary in a jiffy. And you might not constantly understand which apps are much better to utilize, the best ways to examine your laptop computer's memory capability or the best ways to make Mac quickly.

18 October 2017

Happy Diwali Messages, Greetings and Status Updates

Diwali is the festival of lights and people love to share happiness with everyone, this same applies for our blogger brothers so we even try to add some awesome widgets on out blog to greet every single loyal reader, well but today I will be sharing some amazing Happy Diwali status updates, Happy Diwali quotes, exclusively for Facebook and WhatsApp as these are the major streams for people to interact with each other, so you can also check out some other awesome Punjabi status collection and even 101 funny facebook status updates, you will like them too.

02 September 2017

500+ Marathi Language Status Updates for WhatsApp & Facebook

There are numerous languages that are spoken in India and people love to speak and communicate in their mother tongue. Its easy and much more reliable then any other foreign language. We have earlier post awesome status updates for whatsapp and facebook in Punjabi, that sounds BOLD too, you can check those too, but if you are looking forward to some WhatsApp Status in Marathi, then this is the post for you, we have covered like 500+ status messages in this post and we can update this post also, if you are willing to share some of your creative work with us using the comments below.

30 August 2017

My Device App Provides Complete Information about your Android Phone

Whatever the case, either you are reviewing a device or you are just using an Android Device, someday you just need access to all the information related to your device, how the battery is working, what all tech is available on your device, what all features you were promised and are you getting all those features and everything relating System and Chip (Soc) is available with My Device Free app for android phones.

29 August 2017

7 Best & Awesome WhatsApp Features Coming Soon to WhatsApp

WhatsApp has always been the first and foremost option in sharing messages, videos and photos with all your friends for free using Internet. There is no doubt many of the features I am going to discuss might be present in one or other app like Telegram, Viber and some other competitor app that are always trying to introduce new features in order to bypass WhatsApp’s popularity but nothing has ever come across WhatsApp in terms of its user base. People still love using the application and that is why its creators are always trying to introduce something new and engaging.

28 August 2017

Schedule WhatsApp Messages, Emails and SMS on Android Phones

If you are likely to mess up remembering birthday of your girlfriend, parents, friends or any relative then you can schedule a nice birthday message for them right now using this simple application that allows to schedule your whatsapp messages, emails or normal SMS messages to be sent later at any time. Apart from greetings you can also use this application on your android device to schedule morning greetings messages, good night messages and anything that seems important to you.

26 August 2017

8 Unusual Ways to Earn Money Legally by Working Offline

Today people are just wandering over internet searching for ways to make easy money. Well there are no shortcuts to make money and that too easily either online or offline. Whatever schemes you are investing in, that might state that you can make money easily, well that goes for the creator who will be duping you into making deposits and then enjoying your hard earned money. But yes if you are willing to make money online or offline and want to implement hard work then sure you have a path that will lead you to success.

How to Check & Verify if GST Number Holder is Genuine & Registered

GST (Goods and Services TAX) has been implied and people have gone crazy on how its going to work and what not. If you earlier owned a TIN number then you need get a GST number as its a upgraded version of it. But if you are an individual and you are purchasing something then its very important to check and verify if the person charging you TAX is really a verified person or he is just a FAKE vendor.

22 August 2017

Got my Disabled AdSense Account Re-Instated & Disabled Again :(

Sometimes it feels like we are dreaming and its just a nightmare that’s going to vanish as soon as we will wakeup, but then the page refreshes again and again and shows only one message AdSense Account Disabled. That’s when it stuns your head and heart & you are bound to keep up with this truth. Well that happened to me earlier and that has happened to me now once again. Well recently my adsense account was re-instated after 1 year of rough wait and after 1.5 month its gone again and reason is still unclear.

Make your AdSense Ad Units Responsive for More Clicks

People are just jumping into the pol of responsiveness, well they need their website to be responsive so that it can get maximum response from people who are continuously changing their gadgets to browse Internet. Well recently I posted about the online tools popping up providing you the possibility to convert your online media into responsive design, so that you people with less knowledge can obviously make more out of it. But today we are talking about making our AdSense ad units into responsive ad units so that people on different gadgets can always view your website and advertisements more accurately.

Earlier also people have already experimented on this thing and obviously they have created responsive ad designs but now we are talking about official update from Google which is much more stable and legal to be applied, yes now you do not worry about manipulating the code unless its under terms.

Official Responsive AdSense Ad Units

adsense-ad-unitsWell now if you visit your AdSense account you will see that under New Ads creation wizard you will find another head called "Other - Responsive" so now under this one you have once simple ads unit that’s responsive and will work on the CSS base, which you need to create.

So now this ad unit is till in BETA testing more but it will like a charm. Now this code is already Asynchronous Loading enabled so you will not see that two code choosing option. Now as you choose the code you will get your code somewhat like below including some default @media tags for responsive CSS structure, but will need to manipulate these codes according to your website's requirement.

Note Below code is only for demonstration purpose and it will not work for your website, you need to create your personal ad code right from your account.

.hu-responsive-ad { width: 320px; height: 50px; }
@media(min-width: 500px) { .hu-responsive-ad { width: 468px; height: 60px; } }
@media(min-width: 800px) { .hu-responsive-ad { width: 728px; height: 90px; } }
<script async src=""></script>
<!-- HU Responsive Ad -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle hu-responsive-ad"
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So now you can add this code to wherever you want  responsive ad design but make sure you you customize the @media tags according to your website, else it won’t work. So now possible it’s a big step by AdSense team bringing more and more option for their loyal publisher to gain income, well now its your time to coop up with them & apply it. For further information and documentation you can read it here [Link]

10 Blogging Mistakes that’s Decreasing your Blog Traffic

Blogging is an evolution of you from becoming a dreamer to a writer, from helping your friends to helping the whole world. It involves to stay updated and make everyone updated too with your helpful stuff and helping them in every way possible. But blogging is not a simple task that could be opted by anyone; it requires you to have those writing skills and passion for taking your blog to the next level.

20+ Inspiring and Interesting Facts about Google ❤

Google started as a Backrub company to solve the problem of searching online with ease. People have used Google with love as they have itself given a lot to the worldwide population. Its already popularized services like Google AdSense which is being used by bloggers and online freelancers for monetizing their sites, apps and other mobile based services.

21 August 2017

Facebook Java App for Nokia & Symbian Mobile Phones Free Download

Facebook is an amazing social networking platform, you can just create your free account and connect to all your friends around the world, either you met them at school, college or even at your JOB place, you can connect with them, share files, snap some images and get some likes and love from them. Facebook has made its own place in everyone's heart and people want to be on it. Not only profiles but people have pages on which they can share good and innovative content and get shares for that. So facebook needs to be on everyone's phone so that they can be connected to everyone in the world.

25 July 2017

How to Register your Interest for getting Free Rs.1500 JIO Phone

As you might have seen the latest JIO AGM conference that took the whole nation to think how the hell other competitors are even going to come close to JIO with the quirks its providing for free, well now JIO has once again launched a very weird scheme that would attract rest of the local pubic who have not still opted for the JIO plan and SIM. Well with this offer you would be getting a JIO phone worth Rs.1500 whose amount is refundable after 3 years period, YES sounds crazy right, well YES its a crazy deal and mark it we are not talking about any normal phone, that only features the calling option, but this time as the DEMO video states this phone is going to have the voice command feature that will help anyone to make calls, write messages and even browse the internet.