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Best Tips to Increase your Google AdSense CPC & Income


Stepped recently into the blogging community after hearing a lot of success stories, well then you might have planned a nice blog under $10 using blogger and then monetizing it using the best and worth online platform Google AdSense. Well I would say you have made a nice choice of starting a blog and then simply embedding AdSense ads to monetize your content but still you need to be following few awesome tips and tricks that will help you in extracting more income from your account.

How to Identify if the Facebook Profile is Fake or Not

facebook-fake-profileUsually with more and more users joining Facebook on daily basis you obviously have a good option to connect with more and more friends all over the world but still finding a good and decent friend is really difficult on it as people are just masking them selves behind fake profiles, either to sniff your data or to just prank you out. Well we just found few easy ways that should help you in identifying if facebook profile you are interacting with is fake or not.

Get 1 Month Free Skype Unlimited Worldwide Calls

skype free calling

Skype is a free and open platform owned by Microsoft that allows you to make free voice and video calls to people all over the world. Well they do not have any limitation unless you are making calls to more then one person. If you have a larger group then you might face some problem as skype has implemented a large group restriction and if you want to make video calls to whole group then you cannot unless you get there premium account, but yes they even come up with many promotional offers that simply allow you to grab there premium account for free.

Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

idm-optimizer-tool Internet Download Manager as we said is the best download manager right now available as compared to any other download manager like DAP, Microsoft Lightweight Download Manager, Orbit and many others. Well we just got our hands on IDM Optimizer, it’s a small utility which boosts your IDM speed by modifying some registry entries like it will change Connection Speed, Connection type, Max Connection Numbers and some other few entries.

How to Extract all your Images from your PDF File Online

So you got a PDF file from your friend or the internet and you are planning to use all the images embed in that file in some other project maybe you want to Photoshop all those images and remove watermark from images and then post them back into a single PDF file, well an online tool is capable of extracting all your images from your PDF file and even combing all your images into a single PDF File.

How to Fix Blogger Images Color Changing after Uploading


Well recently while posting images on blogger I faced image color changing issue that seemed like images are automatically changing their colors when they are uploaded in your blogger posts, well now that's not that bad as sometimes images are enhanced in a nice way but sometimes I saw color being DE-saturated and that looked really bad. So when I made a search on google that why it started happening and if I was the only one facing that problem, but unfortunately I end up in the google forums where many blogger's have complained about this same and some good blogs have already posted a nice trick to disable this effect.

How to Play your VLC Videos in Color ASCII Art Format

We have already posted some awesome VLC Media Player tricks like playing puzzle game in vlc media player and even making any video as your desktop background. Well today I will be showing you how you can easily play any of your favorite video in the colorful ASCII Art format, so it looks bit artistic. So as you can see below in the screenshot, you might be able to see the face moving here and there well that's how your video's are gonna look like.

How to Make Easy Money by Selling your Services Online


Online money making has now become a normal profession and many people are making it their primary income source. And we have already posted on how to make money blogging the best post for Indians that demonstrates how to become a wealthy affiliate. So you can choose some nice website and make some cash from your sales. We have even posted about the google helpouts that could be used in order to make some nice video tutorials and provide services using it.

How to Create Flat UI Package Pricing Table for Websites

pricing table blogger

Hey wazz up everyone so now another awesome tutorial on how you can create pricing tables for websites displaying your own packages for selling to customers worldwide, now these tables look similar to all those website such as Bigrock and others who try to display packages that your an purchase in order to run your campaigns on their websites. Well now if you run any trading website online then this could really help you out in displaying your own personalized packages with ease.

[Giveaway] Free Rs.100 Recharge for 10 Lucky Winners

Free recharge We have just started providing freebies and giveaways in many forms like recently our biggest Facebook likes giveaway is going on again and again, as its finished we renew it again to make it available to every single person who might loose chance for participating in it. So now we have come up with another awesome giveaway, well using this one you can get a chance to win free Rs.100 recharge by just going few small things using the below giveaway mode.