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04 May 2016

How to Stream your iPhone Screen on your Windows PC

You might have always wondered any easy trick to stream or view your whole iPhone screen on your Windows Computer, well in MAC you have some tools that could do this easily but for windows there was nothing and in case you wanted to record the iPhone screen for demonstrating anything and uploading that to YouTube, you need to have a Jailbroken iPhone to do the JOB.

03 May 2016

iPhone SE Camera Test - 4K Video Recording Samples

iPhone SE is the latest gadget released by Apple and short for iPhone Special Edition and its a replica of iPhone 5 and 5S in design but 6S in its hardware. Its a pro phone that comes with handy size but with superb and high performance tech packed inside. As these days people are much more concerned about the camera quality so apple packed that same 4K camera that comes in 6S in this beast.

Disable Right Click, Ctrl + Commands on Blogger Website

Earlier I posted on how you can disable Image Dragging option on your blogger blog or any other website well that could be useful in case you wanted to stop any stranger from copying your images and reposting them on their own blog. We have even covered some nice tutorials on disabling text dragging on your website for stopping content thief's, which could be done by a code or using CSS.

JavaScript to Disable Image Dragging on Webpage or Blog

stop image theftProtecting your content from copying freaks is a must thing for any blogger, either you are a professional blogger or a newbie you will face plagiarism problem once in your lifetime while blogging to make a living on the internet. Earlier I have posted many ways to stop content thief's from stealing content from your site. We discussed on how you can stop dragging on any blogger website and even using this same technique by implementing the CSS codes.

02 May 2016

How to Get YouTube’s New Materialistic Revamped Design

Google is making a lot of changes in its own design and all the sister directories running under one of which YouTube is the biggest of them all and drives a lot visitors and as Facebook is working to bring a much more convenient environment to view videos online, its important for Google to provide a very unique experience on YouTube so that it can retain all the people to stay on its site for long.

Display Automatically Rotating Quotes on any Webpage

Many websites tend to display these sorts of widget on their blog that provides plenty of useful, mind developing information like quotes and messages from famous people. Well you can even rotate your own written quotes and messages using this simple script. So this script I am providing will automatically rotate all the quotes with fixed time interval. So this could be pretty useful for your readers if you working on a blog to show them some good work.

01 May 2016

100+ Truth & Dare Game Questions for Teens and Adults

Truth and Dare is an amazing game often played by teens and adults at nature camps, maybe some sleepovers and many times between a girl and a boy who is desperate to uncover the dirty truth about the BOY which he might be hiding. So if you are the one who loves to be little adventures and do the dare on the rocks or you are the one who loves to uncover the truth behind that KISS, well for you we have some nice truth and dare questions that you can ask from your friends while playing this awesome game.

30 April 2016

50+ Motivational Songs for Boosting your GYM Workout

Songs have some real powers in boosting anyone’s mind. If you are in love listening to some lovely romantic songs could enhance the pleasure of being in love and if you are listening to some rock based genre then its going to pump up your inner Desi personality. Well there are many websites that you can use to listen to some nice songs, if you love the remix songs then Soundcloud is dam awesome site where people usually upload the remixed version of any song. I have posted a simple trick to download songs from soundcloud for free.

Best Heart Touching Love Stories that will Inspire You :)

Love now days is just like cheating, flirting and many other scams, well earlier it use to become a legend in the history like Romeo/Juliet and many other inspirational characters who sacrificed their lives for maintaining a long term relationship. Well today we won't be checking any older stories but some modern one's who attempted to maintain their but somehow GOD took one soul and left other in vein.

How to Create Windows Partition Backup using Ghost 11.5

Ghost 11.5 is an incredible tool that one can use to create full partition backup of its C Drive or any other drive no matter, you could easily compress your whole drive with settings and software's installed on it. So now anytime you feel your window is working slow or you found some serious issues using it well you can restore it to that particular backup time using Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 11.5