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Top 7 Benefits for using Custom Domain on your Blog

Well people who are just jumping into this blogging profession usually try to invest nothing and stay with the free blogging platform as they are still new and know nothing about it, well even me when I came into this line I was not knowing what blogging is but I had a passion that I have to take my company (what I call it) to the top level and gain a lot of fame and respect. In case you wanna check out every single details about this site you can check out the ABOUT PAGE.

Wanna Hide a Gun in your Car - Here are Few Ideas

Gun a symbol of violence could prove to be useful in many cases of self defense, in case you are a military retired person, you might be having your own personal licensed gun, but many other big personalities love to have a gun with them as a personality enhancement, so whatever the reason is for keeping a gun, its better to safe it up when ever you are going on a trip or so.

How to FIX and Recover Corrupted Tally Data Easily

tally-logoAccounting information is extremely important for its users, Tally being the leading accounting software application of India includes lots of integrated securities to secure the information from getting damaged, nevertheless information can still get damaged and Tally supplies simple alternatives to recover it. Although tally has actually supplied lots of methods to secure you information however due to some human mistake or system failure we loose our information.

15 Effective Tips for Getting Relaxed & Sleeping Better

how to sleep better and proper

Yes! You can have a much better sleep. Sleep is something which is straight linked to the level of your performance. If you discover the best ways to sleep much better then this will help you in long run. All of us understand that throughout a full cycle of sleep our body repairs muscles and gets rid of the dead cells. A pure and excellent sleep with an ideal peak time (time throughout which you remain in a deep sleep) is truly needed for you to have in your day-to-day work routine.

How to Make Charging on your Android Device Faster

You might be aware about some android apps which claims to charge your android phone faster and you feel interested or lured to examine those out, stop right now! No android app can charge your smartphone faster unless you offer your phone with actual power supply through usb port or battery charger. Now the concern is, can android app make your cellphone charge quicker? Usually speaking, no! Technically speaking, yes however just through particular tweaks at kernel level, or if your phone supports fast charging.

Also: An Official Way to Kill Apps & Save Battery on Android

How to FIX Duplicate Charging Cable Issues on iPhone


This might have happened to you, your original cable got doomed and now you are stranded in the middle of something, you have the option to get an original cable but that’s going to cost you probably Rs.1500 or so, well you still have the option to get a 3rd party cable that will come in a range of Rs.150 - 300 but then comes another horrific scene, your phone displays a message that the phone is not charging as the cable is not supported.

7 Key Methods to Increase your Blogs Domain Authority


Domain Authority of a site depends upon the SEO applied to your blog. Domain authority of a site relies on lots of algorithms. It is rather challenging to get more DA of a website. If your site has high DA it assists your blog site to rank on very first page of search engines. Even domain authority, Page Rank and Alexa Rank assists you earn money online through Sponsored Reviews also.

An Official Way to Kill Apps & Save Battery on Android

There are many 3rd party play store apps that claim to save battery on your android device by utilizing few parameters by which they can kill apps, turn off the Wi-Fi of your device automatically, switch to Wi-Fi from 3G hence giving you more battery juice and even lowering the brightness, likewise we earlier posted about the Battery Doctor an android app that claims to do all the above mentioned stuff.

Questions to Improve your Software QA Interview Skills

software testing questions and answers

After your have completed your graduation you would probably end up working in your fathers business, maybe hook up with some of friends to team up and create something innovative or end up working for a big MNC, following there guidelines and working from day to night shift.

Feeling Depressed 10 Ways to Overcome your Depression

overcome depression quickly

A long term state of unhappiness might eventually led you to the harmful state of depression. Great deals of things might result in the depressed state.The factor behind depression might be anything. It might be separation from a great buddy, loss of any closed one, failure in life, profession or relationship. Whatever might be the factor, a state of depression might eliminate your will certainly to live. It drains all your hopes, joy and interest down. If you are residing in a state of depression, you can not see the stunning colors that life offers us, you can not delight in the presents of the life.