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Get Truecaller Premium Account Free for 1 Year

Truecaller is an amazing online numbers database service that tracks every single number and provides you with the details about the name and the place the number belongs too. Well the Truecaller Android app helps you in getting every single details as soon as a call pops in. So you can be sure you are picking the right number. Well now obviously the free version works pretty well but still upgrading to the premium version unlocks many more awesome features.

8 Secret and Useful Tips to Increase your Alexa Ranking

Numerous of my friends and blog owners asked me about how did you made it through the alexa rank in a brief period. Then i believed i would respond to all them in addition to the entire world with this Post. My alexa dropped in millions every day because of some killer ideas which i followed and which i will certainly now show you all. First of all let us go from the fundamentals that exactly what is alexa how it is very important.

Full Form of Banks and Useful Banking Related Terms

common-banking-termsBanks usually hold a heavy position in making any normal person and high standard by providing him with best possible services, providing him loan so that he can get up his business and it can lead to a fruitful country development. But obviously they are not doing all these activities for free, they do this as their money making business, as who so ever takes a loan he or she has to pay that loan with some interest and that interest is the key to their profits.

Make your Gadgets Full Waterproof with Liquipel Coating

Water disasters are normal for any one working on there daily basis and when it comes to gadgets being used, they are the best victims of these water blasters, so normally you loose your phone when it contacts with water and hence you can go for a hardware change or sometimes a new phone is only the option left, but now a southern California based company called "Liquipel" has come up with a coating idea that will revolutionize the ay we use our gadgets. So now no more fear of water damages as this really thing coating is going to protect us from all those problems.

What is Liquipel ?

Basically its just a water insurance for your gadgets for lifetime validity, so researchers at Liquipel says that this thin that human hair coating can simply protect their gadgets from any kind of water damage, in fact with this coat on you can easily use your device under running water, so if you are enjoying some camping now you can take your device with you and start clicking images as no water damage would occur ever.


Now this coating is currently available in US only for $59.00 for one time coating, so they will surely expand their services to other nations but after years of customer satisfaction. So lets hope this will become a life saver for any outdoor enthusiast with more water creativity.

Top 10 Best Ranking Insurance Companies in India

life-insurance-companies-in-indiaInsurance is the fair transfer of the threat of a reduction, from one thing to another in exchange for payment. It truly is a type of risk-management mainly used to hedge against the danger of a contingent, unsure loss. Here's a listing of top Insurance firms in Indian; all these really are the best business organizations in financial field and life assurance policy. Rating procedure is not based on any paid criteria but its based on the market views and share's by other websites.

Free Font Download Museo Slab 500 and Proxima Nova

2 most popular typeface kinds Museo Slab and Proxima Nova are made use of by countless internet sites and blog sites all over the world. If you are an internet designer then you will certainly see that selecting the very best font style kind is most vital part of internet design and occasionally the very first top priority prior to producing template or website design.

3 SanDisk Mini Cruzer CZ15 Pen Drive Giveaway for Free

Well we have always tried to please the worthy readers of HackingUniversity, those follow our blog, visit daily and appreciate all the articles we publish. Well recently we started providing them with free recharge that they can opt in and gain free talktime on their mobile device. Well we have also posted many other awesome giveaways like Facebook Likes Giveaway, Twitter Followers Giveaway and Google Plus One Giveaway, well all these were appreciated very well and now I though of providing a very useful computer component that as become a lifeline to many individuals.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 Genuine 3 Months Serial Key

kaspersky 2015

Update This is an old post with updated text, image, links and everything, older freebie was expired so we have updated it with new one.

Kaspersky is that antivirus that do not need any kind of introduction, small kids to big professional geeks trust this security suite for getting their computer's protected from all those online and offline threats. Well it does not top the list but still its considered as the best and people are ready to pay any amount for getting this protection.

How to Manually Search for Movies & Songs Subtitles

Film Subtitles are extensively readily available over the web however its rather hard to reach to the genuine file location which we wish to reach. Subtitles are offered in various languages of the world, usually English Subtitles are primarily readily available. While Looking for a subtitle in the usual means we reach to internet sites where we can download the complete motion picture with subtitle, there we fails to obtain the subtitle as single from the entire film files.

How to Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog to Another URL

blogger-logoWell if you have recently made a shift of your blog to another URL or you have just closed your blog and created a new website then you might be planning to shift all the traffic hence redirecting every single visitor to your new website. Well you can easily do that by just adding some lines in your <head> tag and hence your site will get redirected. Well earlier I posted a manual method but now I am posting a nice tool that will generate proper code fro your website and hence redirect it safely.