200+ Best WhatsApp Status | Quotes | Messages 2015

whatsapp messagesThis is our another addition to awesome whatsapp status updates, few nice messages and quotes that can spice up your life. Earlier we posted 50 Funky WhatsApp Messages that you can check out and share, another one was awesome Punjabi status updates that will add some desi taste to your messages.

2 GB Google Drive Space Extension for Simple Checkup

Simply for signing-up a Google Drive account gets you 15 GB complimentary storage space and now Google provides additional 2 GB storage simply for doing an easy Security Check-up. To celebrate Safer Internet Day as well as to press it's users to secure their Google account by examining account settings or security, Google is satisfying Google Drive users with 2 GB additional storage space.

7 Amazing Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

cooph photography tricks

Now a days everyone's owns a smartphone and clicking images using it is a very common action, well now people these days love to snap selfies and maybe some group panorama's well we already posted on how you can look more gorgeous while snapping images you can check that too, but today we are going to show you 7 smartphone photography tips and tricks that will help you in getting more awesome shots with some geekness into it.

Make a Mechanical Motorized Valentines Day Gift for your ♥

mechanical heart

If you are a Tech Freak and you love to mold out your gadgets to create something new and the best you have a girlfriend than this valentines day project will simply enhance your skills and pop up some love in your girl’s heart. So now jump in to the video embed up and check out if you can create this amazing lovely gift for your valentine.

Add Falling Hearts ♥ Blogger Widget for Valentines Day


Share some love with all your visitors now you can embed a heart falling widget in your blog for some romantic look, it looks simply awesome and installs just in seconds as explained below. The below code is manipulated from the Snow Widget so you may think that why snow is mentioned in the below code, well we just changed the image to the heart so you can also change it to anything according to your will.

3 Awesome Ways for Wishing Valentines Day to your ♥

Well Valentines day is still to come and we have lots of goodies for you to express your love to your valentine. Well below we have gathered 3 awesome ways which will simply help you to get some nice attraction from your partner.

1. Wishing through Google Search trick :

Google heart search trickNow if you wanna wish her valentine in a Geek way than this trick is just for you, now you can wish your love using Google amazing search trick. So check out how to get this heart in Google Search from here

Happy Valentines Day WhatsApp and Facebook Messages

Now obviously when any occasion comes you have the option to share your greetings with friends earlier offline but now totally online right on Facebook, so people usually share images, greeting cards, messages and some famous quotes, well even for this valentines day we have few awesome status updates that can be used as text messages on your mobile device, for any kind of famous quotes or just a FB Status.