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24 July 2016

Awesome Desi Funny Punjabi Facebook Status Updates

So here we go with another huge hit for all the Indians who are basically from Punjab or anywhere else but they have some serious motherhood in them and English statuses cannot be compared to these ones because it has something Desi tint in them so grab the best Kaint Punjabi statuses for which I would like to thank my friend Shikari who grabbed all these statuses and bundled them together into one awesome package.

List of Devices that will Support Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE

Earlier we posted about the Reliance JIO service, what they are bringing, a nice speedtest video comparing Airtel 4G with Reliance 4G VolTE Service and even added a long tutorial on activating your Reliance 4G VoLTE on Samsung Devices. Well that covered all the Samsung devices but did not show all the devices that will support Reliance 4F VoLTE, well in this post we will show just that.

23 July 2016

Funny WhatsApp and Hilarious Facebook Status Updates

Facebook and WhatsApp gives all users a way to share their love and feelings with everyone their parents, friends, relatives and all other Homies. Love can be shared in different mediums the one and most effective is the Status Sharing medium user Types a status and click share to share the love and Fun with all his Friends so here we go with some of the best WhatsApp and Facebook statuses you can grab and share with all your friends for having some ultimate fun.

22 July 2016

Get Reliance JIO 4G SIM with Unlimited Data for 3 Months

Reliance JIO is a new venture lead by Mukesh Ambani to decrease the costs of Data and Voice Calling effectively. Its going to give a huge competition to all the 4G telecom companies with its very less price and approx. 3 months of free and unlimited usage. Airtel is going to suffer a big loss if they do not act now and pump in more offers to their current users. Its rumored that Airtel will start providing 67% more data to its current users on their earlier plans.

21 July 2016

Increase your Torrent’s Downloading Speed with Trackers

Peer-Peer connection means sharing big files with ease and torrents are the easiest way to download huge files from anywhere in the world. Now recently much more prominent sites are facing a lot of issues maintaining illegal sites, like recently Kat.cr (Kick Ass Torrents) the biggest and most popular torrenting site was taken down as its owner was arrested in Poland. With this, you can automatically judge how the law is taking strict action’s to ban all these sites and maintain a piracy free online activities.

Download 6 Ubisoft PC Games for Free via Ubisoft Club

On Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary ubisoft is providing you with few of their most awesome and very popular games for free download. Starting from the month of June, every month you will get a free game that you play as a full version PC game without spending a single dime. Now as we have already lost the month of June for this offer, you will only be getting 6 games till December and Splinter Cell is the game for July’s month and you can download play that game for free.

20 July 2016

PRISMA Adds Awesome AI Based Effects to your Images

Prisma is an amazing filters application that uses the Artificial Intelligence to add awesome effects to your images. This is pretty much similar to the Toon Paint application I used earlier on my iOS device. But this one has some real artificial intelligence built into their application. So various effects are being used from different artists and it really transforms your images into real artwork.

17 July 2016

How to Play Random Ringtones in Android on Every Call

Everytime the software is updated we get new features that includes new ringtones, wallpapers and much more but still it lacks the essence of a real song playing while you are getting any call. if you are like me, I love to set a nice soothing ringtone on my device that does not irritate me but side by side is pretty audible to be heard. Now right now I am on an iOS device and adding ringtones to this is pain in ASS.

Download & Install Pokemon GO in Unsupported Country

Pokemon GO is the latest semi reality game for smartphones attracting people from all over the world. Still released in only few countries its breaking the internet with its ground breaking concept, its helping people to be social, meet strangers and stay fit. Yes while playing Pokemon GO you have to roam around that takes a good walk and hence helps you to stay fit.

16 July 2016

Watch 3D Movies at Home in your Computer or Laptop

Third Dimension is a new revolution that is bringing all new movies into its category and us as the people are always excited to try something new. Well, when it first came into existence, it astounded the whole world, people wanted to watch movies only in 3D, but sooner or later the trend always takes a new turn and soon enough we will be able to see some new technology bouncing our heads with.