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How to Play PS2 Games on Windows PC using Elumator

PS2 short for Play Station 2, a console developed by Sony that revolutionised the gaming industry. We know how well games were developed for it and how amusing it was to play all those games, well now as the gaming industry evolved we got new consoles, new gaming platforms and much more and PS2 was not there anymore, but still we remobed all those games.

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We have just started providing freebies and giveaways in many forms like recently our biggest IDM License Keys Giveaway got finished, we have already announced the winners and even sent them genuine 1 year IDM license keys. So now we have come up with another awesome giveaway, well using this one you can get a chance to win free Rs.50 online mobile recharge by just doing few small things using the below giveaway mode.

Scrap Mechanic Theme Park Rides Map Download Link

scrap mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a engineer based innovative development game that involves your extensive thinking capabilities in combination to physics to create and innovative something new everyday. You can make anything and enhance your creative skills by using all the stuff available in the game.

Awesome High Definition Parallax Wallpapers for iOS 8

Wallpapers can easily change the way you see your desktop or your mobile phone, well we have already posted wallpapers for your marshmallow 6.0 and some amazing iphone 6+ HD wallpapers you can download that too and another is the wallpapers pack for motorola moto e. Well today we have some more amazing full high definition wallpapers for your iOS 7 and 8 and that too for iPAD and MAC.

Full High Definition Wallpapers for iPad and Mac

How to Create Fake BSOD Error in Windows Computer

BSOD also known as Blue Screen of Death is a very deadly error that could cause your computer to restart and and even hand it till its eventually dies, well it can be caused due to any faulty RAM error and many other things, like the outdated drivers and all that stuff, well i have posted earlier on how you can fix BSOD in your windows computer.

How to Change Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Language

Pro Evolution Soccer (PSE 2016) is a soccer game that is competing with bigger games to become an awesome live soccer playing experience in gaming industry, well recently i downloaded the cracked version using the online torrent service and faced the bad language issue, well but i did not loose hope as i faced this same thing earlier in the sleeping dogs pc version and even in the battlefield as i changed its language from russian to english.

Get Live Cricket Scores on Desktop with this Application

Cricket is in the soul of Indians and to get the most out of it they need no break and no excuse to miss the entire match when they are in full ood of watching and enjoying every second of it. Well earlier we posted on how you can watch IPL matches online and even getting live scores on your mobile for free, well today we have another application for getting free live cricket scores on your desktop screen for free.

How to FIX Thin Font Rendering Issue in Chrome Browser

Are you facing that thin font rendering issue in chrome browser that is making your reading webpages a lot difficult in chrome browser, well i faced this problem 2 days ago and i was so much in trouble as i thought something weird has happened to my computer and i need to restart it or even scan it for viruses, well to my surprise i did everything and nothing solved this issue.

How to Install WhatsApp on Remix 2.0 Android OS

Recently we posted on how you can install Remix OS 2.0 on your computer, well if you have already installed it and enjoying it then you might be thinking of installing the whatsapp messenger on your remix os 2.0, well we are going to show you how you can install WhatsApp messenger on Remix 2.0 OS.

Remix 2.0 Android OS for Computers Free Download

Remix OS is our cutting-edge Android-based OS for computers. We imply it when we state you get a PC experience. Remix Mini permits you to work and have fun with the whole Android app environment while making the most of instinctive PC functions. Remix OS brings the charming Android experience to your computer system. It is based upon the Android OS & is entirely various. Lots of users are searching for Android OS for Windows. Lastly here is a main Android Version for Windows.