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10 June 2016

60+ Funny JOKES that are Stupid but Ultimately Hilarious

Searching for Amusing JOKES? Stand by ... you've reached the best location since we have simply the sort of dumb & amusing jokes that would tickle your amusing bones. From clean funny jokes and unclean racist jokes to silly creative riddles and amusing one liners, we've got the best funniest jokes ensured to cause some major laughs. Keep in mind, the excellent old days when we were kids, and we did nothing however watch cartoons or check out comics and consume cereal throughout the day? (Maybe you still do. Hey, I'm not evaluating.) However in our old youth days Television, comics and our buddies were our only source of funniest jokes.

09 June 2016

How to Easily Remove or Hide Attribution Widget Blogger

Whenever you start out a new blog on free blogger platform you get many features and services for free + a small attribution link in the footer of every blog saying Powered by Blogger, well that good and I think it should not be removed as it gives credit to blogger for gaining more traffic to their website and engaging in creating more blogs. But still if you need to remove that attribution gadget than below is the easy CSS hack that you can use and remove it without deleting any coding. But then we have another technical option that removes this entirely from your blog enhance removing everything related to Attribution widget in blogger.

08 June 2016

70 Outstanding Tips for Bloggers to Increase Readership

Nowadays, everybody can begin a blog from scratch. Due to the presence of a big quantity of blog-hosting websites and design templates, it has actually nearly ended up being knowledgeable to begin blogging. As a matter of truth, no matter how tough it is to think, the web counts virtually a billion blog sites.

Uninstall any Antivirus or Security Program in Windows

Security programs are essential and we usually tend to try many different programs depending on their security levels and the way they work. Some are very powerful but they can drain the CPU power and some are light but they tend to work light too. We have posted a list of top security programs that work great and are awesome too. We have even posted many free versions of Antivirus either they are officially free or few of them are being passed on as a promotional offer.

02 June 2016

Fastest Way to Stream and Download Torrents using IDM

People love downloading stuff using torrents, its free, its fast and could be used to get pretty much anything easily and instantly. You only need to have a nice torrent client installed and some good seeders willing to seed and make your downloading a breeze. Well we gave already posted many ways earlier that you can use to download torrents using any other download managers like Internet Download Manager, people use it for its fast downloading speeds and simple user interface, we have also posted IDM Free Giveaway where you can easily get free license key for Internet Download Manger.

31 May 2016

Top 10 Brands with their Initial and Final Logo Designs

Today logo has a great importance in representing any company. Either you have a long name or short people still recognize you with a nice logo you have. Logo’s can be easily memorized and it automatically the name of the company, like the most renowned Apple brand, we know that as soon as we see an Apple with a Bite on it.

30 May 2016

Activate Free Airtel Hello Tune Service for 999 Days

If you want to greet your visitors with free hello tune service, where while calling your caller will not get bored waiting for you to pick up your phone. Yes he will be able to listen to soft music while you pick up your phone and greet him. Earlier we have posted on how you can easily get free Miss Call Alert service activated on your Airtel Mobile for good amount of time.

23 May 2016

How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp for Android Phone

Video calling feature was first released to public via Skype and it went viral, people were able to make conference voice and video calls for free and its over yet, they are still able to make all those calls but now its upto them either they want to get socialized or privatized. Yes by this I mean that in case you are using Skype you might have good links and connections on it but still you cannot beat the popularity of WhatsApp, they have a huge user base and I am sure that your single friend would be available on WhatsApp.

19 May 2016

How to Re-Publish Old Post in Blogger in Present Date

We create content everyday and we get to notice many modification that can happen in that post after some time. Either its link’s stop working or something needs to be updated in that post for it to look and work properly. This is even necessary for the blog owner to update his old post either in blogger or wordpress to new content so that the content remains fresh and working.

18 May 2016

How to Find Serial Keys for Software's using Google

If you have recently installed a new software but you did not pay for it then probably you might be having a patch or serial key to register that software with the company. As these days all the torrents provide you with a full package that contains everything. Setup of that software and its working patch or serial keys that helps you in registering that software and using it as a full version.