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How to Stop your Computers Overheating Problems


You might have developed your PC according to your budget but not according to the actual requirement that's why while hard on your system, maybe video editing, developing some high end applications and rendering outputs your PC might get exhausted and when your PC gets too hot, it turns off to stop its elements getting harmed. Right here's the best ways to exercise whether it will get too hot.

20 Life Changing Fortune Cookie Quotes and Messages

Fortunes Cookies is a Chinese based sweet lucky cookies originated in United States with a motto to provide a nice Chinese proverb to everyone who eats those cookies. Usually these are simply made from flour, sugar, vanilla and sesame seed oil and added to it is a small slip that acts as you fortune teller. It contains a Chinese quotes, maybe some numbers that act as your lucky lottery numbers, kind of cool.

How to Load Disqus Comments on Scroll in Blogger Blog

Commenting helps any blogger to view the remarks of the reader or customer coming to his site, with comments he can notified about the bad content in the post, maybe some outdated post or anything. Readers can even pass suggestion on implementing something or fixing the bad part. Comments even helps you to build nice backlinks from other blogs where you can pass some good review and pass a relevant link to your blog or some other resource.

How Deals are Shaping up The Future of Ecommerce

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Ecommerce is one of the leading industries in India today and is growing at a mammoth speed every passing day. In 2015, Ecommerce sales have mounted to approximately 7.69 billion US dollars and by 2018, it is predicted the sales would amount to 17.52 billion US dollars. Such high growth rate is not a surprise as just about everybody is using the online portal to shop for day to day items. Be it clothes, accessories, beauty products, electronics or even cars and property, everything is being sold and bought on the internet now.

How to Check which RAM is Installed in my Computer

RAM (Random Access Memory) helps you in accessing applications, its actually a base part that in combination with Hard Disk helps you in run your PC in smooth condition, the more RAM you have the better you computer speed. But if you opt for the higher RAM version then again its going to be the best option. Every computer has a virtual RAM the it derives from the hard disk space you can increase that too to make your computer's speed a lot faster.

UC Browser 10.5 for Android Released Download Now


UC Browser is an amazing application for internet browsing freaks that claims to increase your browsing and downloading speed on the go. One can be sure about the best performance he is being delivered by using this browser. Today we have the new latest version of UC Browser for android devices that you download in the .apk format and install it easily on your phone. For Java based phones you can check out another post from where you can download it directly in .JAR format.

UC Browser 9.5 for JAVA Based Phones Free Download

uc browser java phones

UC Browser the simple fast and lightweight browser for your mobile is also available in JAVA extension so browsing fast internet on mobile could now be pretty easier for any low end phone too. Now you can too browse like a smartphone with UC Browser installed in your JAVA based phone. So they have developed their app for pretty much every platform for computer, android, iOS devices and even for the windows based phones.

How to Increase Internet Speed on your Android Device

Pretty much the same issue faced by people all over the world "Slow Internet" hence slow work and entertainment. Nowadays as you know everything is online, either its business, entertainment or knowledge. One can be greeted with everything online by just swinging to any particular site and getting stuff easily.

Make Wallpapers by Mixing Colors & Blurring Images


Wallpapers and nice backgrounds can make everything a lot colorful, it can refresh your mood while using your gadget. These days many sites are coming up with HD wallpapers that you can download and use it on your computer or mobile. You choose the size and download the appropriate version. Now what about creating your own wallpapers and backgrounds, well you can do so using the Photoshop or even utilizing the online editors like Photoshop.

Automatically Backup SMS to Gmail on your Android

If you're searching for a method to backup all your text (sms) on Android Phones to your Gmail account, then we have a nice application that can help you backup your text messages easily to your Gmail account. Everybody understands that backing up text or sms on Android to Gmail account is a really basic procedure and nobody has single factor not to backup messages, as this make them browse friendly. So keep reading, if you're interested to understand the entire procedure.