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23 May 2016

How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp for Android Phone

Video calling feature was first released to public via Skype and it went viral, people were able to make conference voice and video calls for free and its over yet, they are still able to make all those calls but now its upto them either they want to get socialized or privatized. Yes by this I mean that in case you are using Skype you might have good links and connections on it but still you cannot beat the popularity of WhatsApp, they have a huge user base and I am sure that your single friend would be available on WhatsApp.

19 May 2016

How to Re-Publish Old Post in Blogger in Present Date

We create content everyday and we get to notice many modification that can happen in that post after some time. Either its link’s stop working or something needs to be updated in that post for it to look and work properly. This is even necessary for the blog owner to update his old post either in blogger or wordpress to new content so that the content remains fresh and working.

18 May 2016

How to Find Serial Keys for Software's using Google

If you have recently installed a new software but you did not pay for it then probably you might be having a patch or serial key to register that software with the company. As these days all the torrents provide you with a full package that contains everything. Setup of that software and its working patch or serial keys that helps you in registering that software and using it as a full version.

15 May 2016

50 Funky and Awesome Whatsapp Status Messages

Whatsapp has just taken the chatting to a whole new level, from sending free messages to sharing images and videos is a lot easier using WhatsApp, well I have posted many awesome tricks for whatsapp and some other nice tutorials that you can use in order to use whatsapp right on your computer as till now there is not official app for windows. Well today I will be posting some awesome status messages for whatsapp like I have shared for Facebook earlier.

14 May 2016

Get High Quality PR9 Do-Follow Backlink from Facebook

Backlinks are very important and it makes a base for your site’s SEO. As you know Google's works on the principle of backlinks, the more site’s are linking to your site makes your site reputed in the vision of google. Its just like people referring to one shop to purchase stuff as it delivers the best stuff. So on the whole backlinks are important and there are different ways to get backlinks to your site.

13 May 2016

Stylize First Letter of your Paragraph with CSS in Blogger

You might have seen this effect applied on many blogs even Amit SIR us this effect on his blog and certainly many other blogs tend to use this effect to make their blog post look like a newspaper article. Well newspaper uses this sought of technique to grab attention and even stylize their text. There is nothing much more use of this but to stylize your text and your paragraph look good.

Share Cute Love Messages Best LOVE Status for WhatsApp

LOVE is a bond shared between two individuals not only for the foreplay but to share their feelings for each other, for helping each other in any circumstances, teaching each other Good’s and Bad’s about something that might hurt their life. Love covers everything and its very important that you share your feelings before that person gone from your life. You can either be bold and face her to share your feelings and tell her that you love her, you feel comfortable with her, you care for her. Else the other method is too share your feelings online via WhatsApp or Facebook by sending them some lovely greetings that will make her believe in your love.

11 May 2016

20+ Best Informative YouTube Channels for Engineers

YouTube is not only a medium for Fun but its informative too as people from all around the world upload their creativity, their skills and their talent infused videos to teach and spread vital information to everyone watching them from around the world. I personally view a lot of videos on youtube either I am bored or I am just looking for something unique, youtube is the best place to spend my time on.

Use WhatsApp on Windows PC with Official Desktop Client

People are connected together all around the globe using WhatsApp network, either they are using this for personal or business use but whatever the case is WhatsApp is truly incredible social networking client that one can use to stay connected and to share stuff with people all over the world for free.

10 May 2016

Implement Background Changing Animation using CSS

CSS is a very powerful language and one who knows it in depth could be making the WEB a very better place. As you know HTML is the base structure of any website, using it you can structure elements the way you to display them but CSS beautifies the code. It gives a new level of viewing angles and helps you to make more out of your website.