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27 August 2016

Watch Google’s Origin Full Documentary Movie Online

Google’s Origin Documentary Movie Synopsis

When there is a strong bond between two then, everything is achievable, and this was the mantra taken by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met each other on the campus of Stanford University in 1995. Sergey Brin is a Russian, and he is born to Mathematician parents, and Larry Page was born in Michigan to Computer Scientist parents. You can imagine right from here the formation of Google, a computer program with mathematics algorithms creating the best search results and indexing everything accordingly.

26 August 2016

Automatically Convert your Links into Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is the word you all might have heard when entering into the field of blogging. Either you are an amateur or PRO you might have tried your luck into affiliate marketing. Many of you got success, and many were just happy with Adsense due to its simplicity of working model. But many individuals are not using Adsense but making millions using affiliate marketing.

25 August 2016

Ghaint Punjabi Status Updates for WhatsApp & Facebook

Another taste of Punjabi tadka from HackingUniversity, earlier we have posted some awesome Punjabi status updates you can check those too, but these are some new ones and if you are really a Punjabi by heart then these updates will sure bring a smile on your face. You can share these status updates with your yaar velli, parents and awesome people around you or who might be friends with you on facebook and whatsapp. You can check some more awesome collection of our status updates for WhatsApp and Facebook by visiting our SMS Section.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Biography Full Documentary Movie

Mark Zuckerberg’s Full Documentary Movie Synopsis

Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard freshman with a present for computer system programs. Less than a years later on, he is the baby-faced, multi-billionaire, power broker who rubbed shoulders with the President. He changed a dorm-room job into the web's most significant international town. The website now has more than 900 million users. However for all that success, Zuckerberg has actually challenged bitter fights and suits over Facebook's origin. He has actually waged an all out war on his most significant rivals.

24 August 2016

100+ Truth & Dare Game Questions for Teens and Adults

Truth and Dare is an amazing game often played by teens and adults at nature camps, maybe some sleepovers and many times between a girl and a boy who is desperate to uncover the dirty truth about the BOY which he might be hiding. So if you are the one who loves to be little adventures and do the dare on the rocks or you are the one who loves to uncover the truth behind that KISS, well for you we have some nice truth and dare questions that you can ask from your friends while playing this awesome game.

23 August 2016

Kaspersky Internet Security Free 365 Days Serial Key

Kaspersky, the online security giant, covering maximum computers with its shield to protect them from online and offline threats. Kaspersky has been awarded the 2nd place in our for best 5 antiviruses for your computer or laptops. We need not mention about its features as it's considered and widely regarded as the best antivirus solution for computers and other geeky gadgets.

21 August 2016

Disable Windows 10 OS Upgrade on your Windows 7 & 8.1

If you are still using that awesome Windows 7 and continuously getting those popups that Windows 10 OS upgrade is ready to be installed on your system and you wish to stay with windows 7 or windows 8.1 then we have a very light and simple utility that will help you with this JOB. Never10 is a simple utility that stops your windows 7 or 8.1 from automatically getting upgraded to windows 10 OS.

13 August 2016

5 Best iOS Apps that Brings most out of your Images

This will not be another regular post about picture editing apps and ways to make your images much more remarkable. Ok, merely a bit since all of us like to create impressive pictures and publish them on Facebook. Nevertheless, this time, we'll go even much deeper and let's learn how we can recycle required info caught in our images because they have ended up being the quickest and most reliable suggestions: simply snap and there you go.

12 August 2016

Simple Trick to Get Hotstar Premium Membership for Free

Hotstar recently got a lot of attention with its marketing and advertising tactics. Nearly every serial that is being watched in Indian houses like the one’s that are preferably ladies choice are a lot popular, and if they have missed watching that serial while cooking some lovely delicacies for their family, they can quickly hop into Hotstar and watch all that left out series from starting.

11 August 2016

Top 10 Best Coke Studio Songs List with YouTube Videos

Coke Studio is a musical TV series introduced in Pakistan which was initially aired in 2008. Till season 6, It was produced by Rohail Hyatt then from season 7 onwards it is being produced by Strings. Throughout the years Coke Studio has actually produced numerous hits. Now Indian version of Coke Studio might be having some of its best HITS but today we are going to cover the best of Pakistan.