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Find Exactly how much Time you Spend on Facebook

Facebook has actually ended up being the top time waster on the Web. Individuals use it not just from a computer, however from mobile gadgets throughout the day. However have you ever thought of just how much time you really invest daily, each week or monthly on this popular social networking website? A free Windows application called TimeRabbit can assist you learn just how much time you truly invest or waste on Facebook on everyday basis.

5 Major Advantages for using Cloud Based Services

Well cloud based services are always good, well we cannot neglect the iCloud hacking scene that has just occurred and many celebrities are facing really issues including Jennifer Lawrence as her nude photos are leaked. Well apart from that still cloud based services are best way to synchronize your gadgets with all that stuff online and you can easily access your stuff anywhere by just using these services. So today we thought to brief you out with 5 major advantages for using cloud based services, yes it has some really good advantages and you will love using it after reading the full post. So read points below.

Publishers Use BuySellAds Discount Codes and Earn More

BuySellAds just recently introduced their brand-new function that would assist million times, both the marketers and the sponsors. Discount rate codes was among the crucial elements that BSA fans were awaiting and lastly it introduced and we might utilize it. From the publishers facet, discount rate codes are fantastic in a sense that they would have the ability to offer their un offered stock quicker then prior to providing price cuts on their Advertisement systems. For the marketers, what could be a much better chance to obtain a 500$ advertisement device with 50 % discount rate ?

[Giveaway] Free Rs.100 Recharge for 3 Lucky Winners

Free recharge We have just started providing freebies and giveaways in many forms like recently our biggest Facebook likes giveaway is going on again and again, as its finished we renew it again to make it available to every single person who might loose chance for participating in it. So now we have come up with another awesome giveaway, well using this one you can get a chance to win free Rs.100 recharge by just going few small things using the below giveaway mode.

Temple Run for Nokia Asha Touchscreen Smartphones

Temple Run is an Enjoyable and Addictive Unlimited Running Video game Established by Imangi Studio where you take control of an Explorer who is chased after by Demonic monkeys after taking an Idol From temple. Temple Run was At first launched for iOS Instruments in 2011 and In the future for Google Android and Windows Phone Now Lastly you can delight in Playing Temple Work on Your Nokia Asha S40 Series Full Touchscreen Java Smartphones.

ENJOY HackingUniversity Blog with Windows Application

Well I am really grateful to Saurav Yashu an app developer for creating a windows based app for our blog. Well he just asked me for the permission that if he can use our feeds URL so that he can fetch all the posts and syndicate it to his application, well overall the feeds application is free and anyone can use but still this guy was respectful enough to ask me if he could really use it.

Best Heart Touching Love Stories that will Inspire You :)

true love story

Love now days is just like cheating, flirting and many other scams, well earlier it use to become a legend in the history like Romeo/Juliet and many other inspirational characters who sacrificed their lives for maintaining a long term relationship. Well today we won't be checking any older stories but some modern one's who attempted to maintain their but somehow GOD took one soul and left other in vein.

Add Stylish Random Posts Displaying Button in Blogger

random-posts-bloggerProviding your visitors an easy to view older post's on your blog could surely get your blog's bounce rate down, so earlier I posted how you can add random posts in blogger, so you can configure how many you wanted to show and on every refresh it automatically changes the posts but recently people messaged me on how they can add a Random Posts displaying button like I am using on my blog to display random posts every time user clicks on it.

Add Curtain Style Full Layout Social Sharing Widget


Hey everyone today I will be showing you how you can add the blinds styled social sharing widget in your blogger blog. Well as you can see in the above animated image how actually the widget looks like, well its going to cover our whole blog layout with three major social sharing buttons. Facebook Like, Google Plus One and Twitter Follow. Well now people can easily click on any screen and then like, +1 and follow you and then they can click on the cancel button to open up the blinds and display your website.

50 Unbelievable Facts Regarding Planet Earth Infographic

Neomammalian Studios, a UK based infographics firm, put together this infographic consisting of FIFTY facts concerning planet Earth that you probably will not believe. We had no idea that the biggest meteor ever to fall to planet left no crater, that there is as much ice in Antarctica as there is water in the Atlantic Ocean, that germs have been located active 1.7 miles here the Planet's surface, which only 14 % of Earth's types have actually been recognized to this day.