Happy Diwali Status Updates for Facebook & WhatsApp

happy diwali messages

Diwali is the festival of lights and people love to share happiness with everyone, this same applies for our blogger brothers so we even try to add some awesome widgets on out blog to greet every single loyal reader, well but today I will be sharing some amazing Happy Diwali status updates, Happy Diwali quotes, exclusively for Facebook and WhatsApp as these are the major streams for people to interact with each other, so you can also check out some other awesome Punjabi status collection and even 101 funny facebook status updates, you will like them too.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC System Requirements


The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare listing on Steam was upgraded by Activision to reveal exactly what COMPUTER players will certainly have to run the upcoming shooter. Advanced Warfare is slated to show up on November 3, 2014 for Windows COMPUTER, the 2 Xbox consoles and the 2 PlayStation consoles. The video game will certainly be introduced globally on November 4.

Join HackingUniversity Broadcast Channel on WhatsApp


Hello everyone I am starting a new WhatsApp broadcast group for sharing extensive knowledge with you all. Well I will be posting many awesome things, like riddles, facts, new English words hence improving vocabulary, blog updates will be posted too hence you could be easily notified when new posts are updated on our blog. Well the best part is that I will even provide free recharge for the winners who will answer my riddles. So I will write which riddle will give you free recharge and which not.

Run Windows XP in Windows 7 using Virtual Machine

windows XP virtual machine

You have the effective Windows 7 OS set up on your computer system, which some think about to be the epoch of contemporary OS, the apotheosis of compatibility, stability, and interoperability. Nevertheless, as durable as Windows 7 is, it does not showcase everything. If there were something you really wanted or had to do that Windows 7 just weren't able to assist in, your finest alternative would be to make use of a virtual machine.

USB System Lock Secures your Computers using USB


While dealing with the system on some essential work and you have to go bit far from your computer system for break and you do not wish others to utilize your system with out your permission. You do not wish to turn of the system and your system password is understood to the others. Then how can you avoid, at this kind of scenarios the below technique will certainly be extremely useful to you to avoid accessing of others with out your authorization.

List of Siri Commands that will Improve your Workflow

Siri was developed by Apple as an assistant that could be used to do many of your hard work easily without even touching the screen. You could easily make calls, compose messages, remind yourself about the time you have to leave for picking up your kids from office and much more, well overall everyone do not know all the available commands one can use using Siri. Well earlier we have posted many posts regarding Siri like installing it on iPhone 3G & 4G as it was not compatible. And also getting Siri Dictation on iPhone 3G & 4G.

Simple Ways to Pick Best Domain Name for your Blog Site

choosing best domain name

Selecting Best Domain is the key to success for each blog owner. Every brand-new blog owner when concerned choose to select an excellent domain for his internet site but it ends up being extremely tough and difficult as many of those awesome domains are already occupied. So if you are new to internet world and have desire for picking the best domain then follow our suggestions and we will most likely assist you, i am not exactly sure that it will certainly fulfill all your requirements however it will absolutely analyze your idea and will certainly help you out.