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Be Safe Auto Expand Short URL's in Google Chrome

Short URL's came into existence for making the sharing a lot easier, these are easy to remember and takes less space for some online sites like twitter where there is restriction of 140 CHR. Well on the other spammers use short url service to spam redirectional links, that can lead to unsafe zone hence your computer can be compromised. Well apart from the safety zone it has a big advantage too like you can make money by shortening your URL links.

Sites like Adf.ly and Short.est pays you when some visits your shortened link and waits for few seconds. You can utilize this to make some good money.

How to View the List of Installed Drivers on Windows

Among the most crucial element of Windows is the set up drivers. For any hardware on the PC, you have to have actually a supported drivers set up on your PC for it to work appropriately. While you can manually set up or upgrade drivers or you can use some nice drivers updater tool for updating your drivers but Windows does not offer any tool to see the list of all drivers installed and working on your computer.

Top 10 Best International Online Dating Websites

Top 10 Best International Online Dating Websites

Now when everything is online, how can love stay offline, no matter where you live, study and work, you can get a taste of yours in form of your soul mate using the online dating sites. With the introduction of all these sites it has become an easy part to get to know a stranger from different nation, culture or religion and make them blend into yours. We will try to discover few of those sites that offer freedating.

Below is the List of Top 10 FreeDating Sites

Animals Narrate What Happens when you are Drunk !

alcohol warningAlcohols are the stress relieving formula that was created to get inside a fight, get knocked out (badly) and still laugh like a fool (;p just joking) but still this is the case with few people's as when alcohol is in you are actually king of the world. Well we going to discuss about the cases and scenarios that happen to you when you are high on alcohol but this is not going to be normal as it is going to be narrated in the language of animals, you animals are going to show you how you actually act when you are drunk and deep in alcohol.

How to Create Personalized Font from your Handwriting


Fonts are all over in electronic devices like phone, computer system, tablet and so on. It is a font that figures out how a text on a page is to be shown, the design and look of a text differs on various fonts. In this tutorial you are going to find out the best ways to produce your very own 'Fonts'. Now you can make up files and mails in your very own handwriting. All you have to do is to read this post thoroughly, absolutely you can stun your pals.

Combine Multiple Internet Connections on Android Device

For viewing videos on your smartphones, you require internet connection with needed speed. At some point, you might face this circumstance when you're not able to enjoy online videos on your mobile due to slow connection. However, you have much better Wi-Fi connection and bad mobile internet connection. Use VideoBee to Combine Wi-Fi + Mobile Connection to Increase Video Streaming Speed.

101 Funny and Hilarious Facebook Status Updates

Facebook gives all users a way to share their love and feelings with everyone their parents, friends, relatives and all other Homies. Love can be shared in different mediums the one and most effective is the Status Sharing medium user Types a status and click share to share the love and Fun with all his Friends so here we go with some of the best statuses you can grab and share with all your friends for having some ultimate fun.

25 Inspirational Kick Ass Quotes from Bruce Lee's Movies

Bruce Lee the undisputed king of action. A humble person, artist in itself, great actor and much more, dedication will always take you one step further from who so ever is fast but without plan up. Well while le lived he made everyone dig into the secret of martial art on how to become the best. He was considered as most renowned martial artist of his time, no one was ever able to beat him down. Well from his life we have some nice quotes that relate to him and obviously said by him.

Top 7 Best Fiverr GIGS Ideas that Generate Good Sales

Fiverr is a website that permits you to provide services to customers for $5, there are different kinds of gigs readily available on the fiverr website and some individuals discover it tough to make sales and even get customers for their gigs. I have been a fiverr users for over 2 years now and i have actually checked out lots of fiverr E-books as well as WSO about the best ways to enhance sales and i discovered that there are many books written by many authors however they are simply stating the very same thing that I am going to show you below.

Stop the Timer while Browsing Internet in Cyber Café

This happened to me many times in my earlier days when I was a newbie internet bird, I just loved to browse new stuff but unfortunately I was not having internet connection at my home so I used to go to a cyber café to browse internet. But I faced that timer running problem that beeped as soon as my half an hour was done, so it was like a hell to me, because my ideas were big but pockets were small, so now when by GOD's grace everything is OK I found this amazing trick that could help bypass the timer restriction in any cyber café where it is implemented.