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25 September 2016

Here are Top 11 Cool and Unknown Facts about Microsoft

Bill Gates and Paul Allen were two masterminds behind the biggest software company of this ERA called “Microsoft” this gave them potential to capture the worldwide audience and make them richest person on the planet. Officially Bill Gates worth is about $81 Billion approx. which is increasing on daily basis. Many controversies have struck Bill and his company like stealing stuff from Apple and even getting slammed by Steve in court.

21 September 2016

FIX Missing Personal Hotspot Option in Reliance JIO 4G

A lot of BUZZ is going on about Reliance JIO 4G and people are making a mess by jumping in to get a single SIM by which they can enjoy unlimited HD VoLTE calling and utilizing free Internet. I have earlier posted about Reliance 4G on how you can get a SIM for yourself or any of your family member. All the devices that support Reliance JIO 4g and even using Reliance JIO 4G on 3G phones.

12 September 2016

10 Blogging Mistakes that’s Decreasing your Blog Traffic

Blogging is an evolution of you from becoming a dreamer to a writer, from helping your friends to helping the whole world. It involves to stay updated and make everyone updated too with your helpful stuff and helping them in every way possible. But blogging is not a simple task that could be opted by anyone; it requires you to have those writing skills and passion for taking your blog to the next level.

5 Things you need to know about Bluetooth 5.0 Update

Bluetooth has worked as an essential part in everyone’s life in these recent years with the evolution of Wireless Headphones and Ear Phones. Apart from wireless song streaming many do even use Bluetooth to connect there mouse to their computer and use it as wireless. We have even posted some awesome Bluetooth hack app earlier that was used to prank your friends.

10 September 2016

How to use Reliance JIO 4G SIM on your 3G Smartphone

Many people are still using a 3G based phone and they have not switched to a 4G enabled phone. Now if you are reading this post then its obvious that you are curious to give Reliance 4G VoLTE SIM a try and check its speeds and calling connectivity. Well let me remind the tutorial we are providing will help you to activate Reliance JIO 4G SIM in your 3G based normal phone or smartphone but you still won’t get those high internet speeds as it requires a 4g device, but yeah calling could be made free that’s the best part right.

06 September 2016

Reliance JIO Tariff Compared to Other Indian Networks

Reliance JIO announce has been sensational, giving tough competition to other telecom networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Tata Docomo. With its free unlimited calling and data as cheap as Rs.50 for 1GB of 4G VoLTE, it's going to break the record regarding user base and will be sure a HIT. People are rushing to get their SIM and test out its speeds and connectivity, and so far results are positive.

Display Post Search Description in Blogger below Heading

If you remember blogger introduces Search Preferences option to enhance its SEO base, and it actually boosted site’s traffic with its search description feature different for every single post. It was a must step for blogger to introduces to enhance blogger’s on site SEO options and increasing blog’s traffic. And yes search description is a must thing to check before you actually publish any post on blogger.

01 September 2016

Submit Blogger's Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Google and other search engines are already into your blog from the time you HIT that create new blog button. They know about your blog and they can easily crawl every single page of your blog but its important to submit a sitemap about your blog that makes it much more easier for search engines like Google to index your content and send you more relevant traffic.

Play Solitaire & Tic Tac Toe Game using Google Search

Google innovates and introduces many search tricks time after time and as you have read my earlier post that shows all the Google search tricks you can do when you are getting bored or so. Google’s history is big and they have regularly updated there selves to stay ahead of everyone, now they are not only investing in technologies or services that benefits them in terms of money but everytime they come up with different games and tricks to amuse the people.

Top 20 Most Expensive Sizzling Cars in the World 2016

If you are a car lover and love all those fastest cars on the streets, then this post would surely be to your taste. We would be covering Top 20 Most Expensive Cars in the World right now in 2016. Many of these cars have made their name of the most expensive cars ever title, but as the innovation goes on and TESLA getting into the field by producing world's fastest electric vehicles, who know where future is going to take us and what all surprises are there for us.