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27 January 2017

Zemana Anti-Malware 1 Year Serial Key Free Download

Zemana AntiMalware Premium is a light-weight and robust security option that works together with other anti-viruses software application to find and obstruct hazards missed out by other security software application. You might have an anti-virus set up on your PC and believe that you are safe, however wanting the day-to-day stats for contaminated PC's which just have actually one AV set up, you may
wish to reconsider.

02 December 2016

How to Remove AdSense Ads from Specific Blogger Post

This is question many bloggers ask and even I was concerned about this same question well how we can remove adsense ad code from a specific blogger post. Being on wordpress its a simple process using some plugins we can achieve anything we like but being on blogger its a techy thing and requires you to be little creative. By creative I mean you need to have some tech skills under the jQuery and JavaScript category to get anything according to you.

04 November 2016

How to Subscribe to Non-Subscribing Feed in Digg Reader

Digg Reader is an amazing alternate to Google Reader and after its vanish from online field Digg Reader is the best option that people have opted and are using on daily basis. I am one of them and I like to use Digg Reader as it updates all the contents from different sites and helps me to check if something useful is posted and how I can use that content to update my readers.

29 October 2016

Greet your Visitors this Diwali with these Blogger Widgets

diwali candleSo guys Diwali is coming the festival of lights and I think you all might have planned something nourishing for this occasion, well I thought I should post something for my fellow website publishers who are planning to embed something good for this occasion right on their blog, well I found 3 good widgets you can say the one is fireworks, the second one is the rocket bottom to top scrolling widget and the last one is a simple greeting but really looks good with its pleasant sound effects.

I have even posted some nice greeting messages for your whatsapp and facebook friends that you can use to greet them this Diwali, those are simple messages and can be copied and posted easily.

27 October 2016

Happy Diwali Messages, Greetings and Status Updates

Diwali is the festival of lights and people love to share happiness with everyone, this same applies for our blogger brothers so we even try to add some awesome widgets on out blog to greet every single loyal reader, well but today I will be sharing some amazing Happy Diwali status updates, Happy Diwali quotes, exclusively for Facebook and WhatsApp as these are the major streams for people to interact with each other, so you can also check out some other awesome Punjabi status collection and even 101 funny facebook status updates, you will like them too.

17 October 2016

8 Features & Reasons to Purchase Google Pixel Phone

Google launched its most-awaited Pixel gadget at an occasion in San Francisco, United States, on Oct 4th. The duo, connected with Pixel along with Pixel XL, has a long listing of power-packed parts however its going to substitute Google’s earlier Nexus lineup. Pixel gadget comes with a power packed features keeping modern clients in there minds and obviously all that competition by Apple and Samsung made them to rethink before jumping into this field.

15 October 2016

20+ Inspiring and Interesting Facts about Google ❤

Google started as a Backrub company to solve the problem of searching online with ease. People have used Google with love as they have itself given a lot to the worldwide population. Its already popularized services like Google AdSense which is being used by bloggers and online freelancers for monetizing their sites, apps and other mobile based services.