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Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS, Whatsapp Messages & Status


So recently we celebrated Independence Day by texting out beautiful slogans and patriotic quotes to our loved ones remembering all the sacrifices of our soldiers and taking oath to save our mother land from any intrusion, well now its time for one more oath to be taken in order to give respect to our sisters. Well yes Raksha Bandhan festival is coming its going to be celebrated on 21th of August. So I have just gathered few messages, images and quotes for you so that you can greet all your loved ones.

Make Browsing Activity Hidden with Firefox Add-Ons

They could be times when you are at work in mind using computer to do your work you open social networking sites a maybe some inappropriate sites and you constantly feel afraid that if someone checks that are out going to be embarrassed in front of them, then these five Firefox add-ons or plug-ins whatever you can call will actually make you browse anonymously hence help you to hide those tabs, minimize your browser instantly and even rename your tabs hence you can be secure that no one is actually watching whatever you're doing and you can browse the way you want to.

How to Find Applications Consuming Internet on Windows

These days everyone is having unlimited Internet connection which is also known as unmetered connection. But still if you are one of them is having immediate connection and you're concerned about the applications using your Internet bandwidth, then it's better to know that which applications are draining your Internet bandwidth. They can find a lot of applications that he can use to check which applications are using the Internet and even track down how much downloading and uploading you're doing with your connection.

How to Install QuickTime Player on Windows 10 OS

Apple is not dependent on anyone it develops every software hardware on its own and everything goes hand-in-hand with everything in coordination, so now in case you're using any of its products like iPhone iPad or iPod then you might have noticed that whenever you create a video using those files you went to get a different format it's not .mp4, it's not .AVI but it's .MOV format. Which is basically short for the movie file so if you are not having VLC media player installed on your Windows system then you might need to install QuickTime player from the official Apple's website apart from just playing these files you still need QuickTime and few of its plug-ins to be embedded into software is to pick up your.MOV files and then you can start editing those files like it happened to me with Camtasia studio.

Clean those Adware's Installed Automatically on Windows

Viruses could be of many types, and depending on their use they could be very much harmful for your Windows to operate. Now today will be discussing about advertisement and promotional based viruses that actually hijacks your browsers your windows your applications and install shortcuts to various sites and even install toolbars in your browser to redirect you to their own site which could contain some sort of viruses that when user clicks could infect your system and hence steal your credentials.

How to Add Moving Page Title using JavaScript Blogger


Usually chrome and other browser display the page title in the tab above with the favicon but in case your page title is little bigger then its hidden, if you want to display whole page title then you can add a little JavaScript which will make your page title to scroll and display its all contents, this little JavaScript can be tweaked by its speed, so you can select what speed you want.

ZO Rooms Free Hotel Room Booking Awesome Trick

zo rooms logoZO Rooms is a new budget hotel franchise providing you with latest in class amenities and off course Free Wi-Fi that sounds great right, yes apart from it you are going to get lavish rooms at a very cheap cost possibly Rs.1000/night and maybe few of them could be in a range of Rs.700-1000 too.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Wallpapers Free Download

Android has names Marshmallow to its latest 6.0 build and they have even released the first developer preview for the developers to test the build out. Now with every new build comes new features, bug fixes, speed improvements and obviously new and awesome wallpapers. I earlier posted 25 gorgeous retina based 6+ wallpapers and even those Moto E Wallpapers you can download them too.

Get a Free .ml, .ga, .cf or .tk Domain Name from Freenom

Custom domains are the best way to customize your regular name online, with custom domains you can make a name in the online world but there is a myth that only a top level domain like .com, .net and .org can score good rankings in search results, but that’s totally false, the person with good content, passion and determination can take any domain site to a next level.

Increase Android Device Speed by Disabling Animation

Animation can actually make your device feel good but in long term if you see these animations conserve battery and even make your phone a little slower, if you are running a high end phone then these little difference won’t be noticeable but its there and on lower end phones you are going to face a lot of issues, so today I will show you how to disable the animations in android and make your device faster.