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[Infographic] How People use Smartphones all over World

A small infographically presented information that gives you insight on how people all over the world use smartphones, about what they actually do first in the morning and what are their priorities on smartphones, pretty much everything is covered in this small infographic image, do check it below and in case you would like to embed this infographic on your site you can use the below embed code, do pass the credits of creation, have fun. via – RebatesZone

How to Prevent Few Devices from Accessing your Wi-Fi

The common problem you face using Wi-Fi connection is the security related to it, many people can connect to your Wi-Fi if its open and on the other hand sue some black hat tools to hack your Wi-Fi network and use it with your consent. Well that can actually cost you a lot if you are using a metered connection but in case you are on the unlimited plan you still can loose a lot of speed.

WIN Free Gadgets, Pen Drives, T-Shirts using Gokano

GOKANO is a new service that offers you gadgets, electronics, free t-shirts and many more things. The easiest thing to win are the pen drives yes, you can easily WIN a 16GB pen drive using Gokano. Now winning is just like a normal thing but it involves few things offered by many earlier sites that are now possibly gone, but this one is getting more and more fame with many more features adding on daily basis.

Download Free Games for PC using L33T Drops Service

L33T Drops is a new service unveiled to provide you free games downloads on monthly basis, they are offering automatic new and latest PC games drops right in your email, well now usually they cost around $19.90 as a monthly option but there another referral program makes it possible for you to get pc games for free. Yes with referral program you are even getting a chance to WIN Fallout 4, WOW! that's awesome.

How to Root Android Device using Kingo Root Application

Rooting your android device could help you to customize it to an extreme level, you can install many 3rd party extensions, maybe tweak internal settings and much more. Overall tweaking your android device is like jailbreaking your iPhone, you would be able to access many black market applications tweaks that are going to increase your productivity and hence help you in making most out of your phone.

Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Price, Features & Details

Apple event is yet to start but we have got the prices for both the new devices that are going to displayed in this event, the leak by Dutch carriers suggests a nice price point with few of its upgraded features mentioned below. Now the event is going to held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco which has a capacity of 6000 peoples in house and they are going to see something really special.

How to Use Animated GIF Image as Wallpaper in Windows

Customizing your newly installed windows could take a lot a time, from tweaking its settings to finding a nice wallpapers that suits you from core. Well we have covered a lot of stuff in the windows niche, like removing the windows watermark, extending your 7 and windows 8 trial period, that can actually reset your trial period hence you can use your windows for straight 1 year for free and much more.

Iobit Protected Folder PRO Free 6 Months License Key

Iobit Protected Folder provides the most convenient way to password protect your files and folders, the software is created to password-protect your folders and files from being seen or customization in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It is a perfect tool for any individual who worries the security of individual information.

6 Unknown Android Tricks & Secret Features to Enable

Android is used by millions all over the world but still there are many things that people are not aware about this amazing OS. Well we have always tried to uncover maximum things and even post new tricks and applications for android that will boost your creativity while running and using this OS but today we have 6 new and impressive tricks and features that you might not be aware about.

How to Get Paid Cydia Applications & Tweaks for Free

Cydia is the best creation for iOS users from Saurik and team and we are very thankful to this community who have developed a lot of applications and tweaks that can actually optimize your iOS Devices to extreme level. With Cydia we can actually explore the full potential of iPhone and other iOS devices because we can install a lot of tweaks and applications that actually optimizes your working routine and helps you to work in a more effective way.