Here are 154 Mistakes in Salman Khan's KICK Movie

salman khan kick movie scene

Salman Khan's film Kick was among the greatest hits of 2014 with over a total amount ticket office collection of 355 Crores (globally). Nevertheless there were just 3 things missing in the motion picture - Story, Acting and Logic.

However who appreciates the story, acting and logic when there is "Bhai" in the film. The most significant factor of Kick success was its "Bhai" aspect.

Having SEX for the First Time | Things you Need to Know

Sex is a kind of natural act that could start chemical reaction in your body as soon as your soul gets attached to someone you love, like or have desires for. Its not a bad thing as having sex regularly is considered as a good thing as the chemical released by it in your body enhances your activity and makes you relieved. Well but still few people who are getting into this first may need to check few things that might help you in making your partner comfortable. via -

Top 20 Websites for Watching Movies Online for Free

All of us adore the thought of viewing films with a pc and also simply your net connection with no strings connected. While a few of you could believe this is perhaps not authorized, I would say why not try something illegal services that's provided by all the sites. There are a lot of web sites which supply to view films on the internet you don't have to sign up as well as in few clicks you might be in the picture stadium. So we have tried our best to cover the best one's, so check them out.

Aoao Photo Watermark New Year Promotional License

aoao-photo-watermark Searching for some nice batch image watermarking or resizing tool well Aoao Photo Watermark could be your choice, well you can easily watermark 300 images in less then a minute and you can even resize, crop and do many things to your image using a single editing panel. You can add text, image or frame watermarks. You can allowed to drag your watermarking image to where ever you want.

WhatsApp Web - Use WhatsApp in any Web Browser

WhatsApp is an amazing social networking application acquired by Facebook recently delivering you with a rich experience for sharing images, messages and other viral stuff with your friends and community. People are always in a search for an easier access to this service so earlier using Bluestack android emulator we made it possible for you to use standalone WhatsApp application on your computer running Windows or MAC.

These 14 Biggest Ironies of INDIA will Blow your Mind

Keep in mind The following post is based upon reported realities and scenarios. There is no objective to trick, upset or slam any individual.

India - a nation of varieties. Documents may fall less to explain this nation. Besides this, it is a mother-land of plentiful contradictions and paradoxes. Paradoxes that are entertaining, amusing and unusual however real. The following paradoxes may sound insane however they exist.

Enhance Hotel Guest Experience with these 8 Resolutions


In the hospitality market, there is just one manager who is the visitor. He has the power to eliminate company from you by investing in other places. As the New Year advertises in guarantees of development, earnings and company chances for hoteliers according to a research by STR and Tourism Economics, it is certainly the ideal time to make some resolutions to attract more visitors.