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19 January 2013

13 Creepy Gaming Moments from these Generation Games


I love gaming and I think you all love them too, new games, old games and upcoming games like GTA V yes I am an addict too, recently I just ended Far Cry 3 and that was simply awesome maybe I will post some screenshots and gameplay video for that game too but today I was surfing the web and I came across a website that displayed 13 most creepy moments from games that are being played by teen generation.

Well I just saw all thirteen video and yes I can say these are really horrific, so check  them out and do comment how do you like all these gameplays.

#13. Siren Blood Curse – Escape from Saiga Hospital

So now this game comes with a mission to escape the Saiga Hospital where everyone else a small girl is turned into z zombie like stuff. I saw this one and with sounds coming out that creepy I just tuned my screen down.

#12. Fatal Frame 4 – The Doctor

Well this was not too creepy but if you were the one playing this game and something happens you would be surely creeped out.

#11. Half Life 2 – Ravenholm

Well the above video shows a scene from Ravenholm town where everyone is turned down into head crab zombies, well you will are allotted a challenge to save yourself from this ghost town.

#10. Dead Space – Head Banging

Well that's right when you are alone even a single voice can make you believe that you are surrounded with ghosts, well that's a the video comes from Dead Space where no human being can be detected and still person is banging his head on wall, dam! crazy guy.

#9. Metro 2033 – The Lbrary

I remember when what it would be to go a in a lonely town and see through their library, well the above will surely creep you out.

#8. Condemned – Mr. Tibbits

So you are a criminal investigator and you are allotted a case to discover the corpse of Mr. Tibbits from the locker, just check out the video on what happens next.

#7. Bioshock Dentist Scene

So now this Dentist is a combination of Dentist and Plastic Surgeon who loves to do some art with your face.

#6. Heavy Rain – The Lizard

So now this man is forced to cut is finger to save his child, well the worst part he has to do this on 5 min and in front of a camera that is recording everything up.

#5. Condemned – Mannequin

This is really scary, its somewhat like the Dead Silence, things coming up in reality from the portraits, well check the full video.

#4. Dead Space 2 – Stalker Encounter

So now these alien styled creatures are really gonna scare you, so gun's will be not enough to fight them you need a hardcore team to take over these creatures.

#3. Fallout 3 – Dunwich

Fallout 3's Dunwich Building scene is scary enough to get the hell out of you, well for now just enjoy the video.

#2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R – Psychic Monster

S.T.A.L.K.E.R brings that same hidden gameplay horrific feeling where you have to face many monster, mutant dogs and military man, but its scary part comes when you have to face the Psychic Monster that can turn your brain into Pulp by just looking at you.

#1. Amnesia The Dark Descent – Water Horror

So come on admit it that Water mission's are not of some much fun, but when it comes to Amnesia it simply proves you wrong with its water creepy adventure, do check the video above.

So these were the 13 scariest gaming moments from this generation games, well according to me they were really creepy you tell yours in the comments below. via - Gameranx