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12 April 2014

How to Make Easy Money by Selling your Services Online


Online money making has now become a normal profession and many people are making it their primary income source. And we have already posted on how to make money blogging the best post for Indians that demonstrates how to become a wealthy affiliate. So you can choose some nice website and make some cash from your sales. We have even posted about the google helpouts that could be used in order to make some nice video tutorials and provide services using it.

But today I would like to show you two major websites that you can use in order to sell your services online and gain more customers right away. Fiverr and SEO Clerks are two main website that help to gain customers that are likely to pay you by getting services from you.

Make some Quick Cash by Selling Services Online

Now you can offer services that you are good in, like creating blogger templates, teaching SEO lessons, or even teaching people on how to make money. Well you can charge them money and as soon as they purchase your GIG, you can answer their questions. So lets see how these two websites work.

#1. Fiverr $5 Money Making Marketplace


Fiverr could be your first choice in getting your steps onto to this awesome online marketplace. Well you can easily sell your services by creating your service using their creation wizard. After that your service will be broadcasted automatically to each and every one who enters keywords matching your GIG.

Well @ startup you are not allowed to post GIG's more then $5 when you reach a level of confidence in the eyes of Fiverr team and customers, then your level is upgraded which allow you to post some add-ons mentioning your own amount.

So now visit Fiverr and create your free account, then under your Sell Service create your own GIG and make sure to add some nice description about your GIG that explains your GIG in full form. Images also play an important role so make sure you post nice non-copyrighted images that attracts more customers.

#2. SEOClerks Another GIG Selling Marketplace


Well now the second option you can go with is SEOClerks, its pretty much the same but with little low traffic compared to Fiverr and even the design is not that attractive, but yes you have full freedom to offer your service more then $5 deadline, so it could be 10-20-30 or whatever, but yes you need to make sure you provide really awesome service with full satisfaction.

Well they normally keep 10% of your each sale so if you make a sale of $10 then they will keep $1 and give rest to you. So not a bad deal for using their website and traffic for really low cost, now you can easily create free services and then offer public.

So well there are plenty of more online marketplaces where you can sell your services but I have researched and came to the conclusion that these two website are on the top most list and they work pretty well, they have huge traffic and even the user interface and really awesome.