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18 January 2013

How to Preview Files while Downloading with IDM

Well I used to post many IDM version earlier that were illegal, and due to some copyright issues I stopped posting them and cleaned any previous upload. Well but still I post some tricks and tweaks than can surely boost up your productivity with IDM, well my earlier trick on boosting your IDM speed using IDM Optimizer and even downloading torrent using IDM can be checked out and now today I will show you how you can preview files you are downloading with Internet Download Manager.

So now why this can be important or why you wanna know how to preview files with IDM, well suppose you are downloading any MP3 file or maybe a movie file well while its downloading you have a chance to confirm that the song is good or movie clarity rocks, that way you will save thousand of MB and even do much more downloads.

  1. idm-options-panelFirst make sure to start the download whatever you are planning to download and preview with IDM, movie and music should be your choice.
  2. Now while the stuff is downloading, open IDM and navigate to Downloads > Options > Save To and right below you will see Temporary Directory Field.
  3. Just click on Browse button and now check your file name here and right click on it and choose Open With "VLC"
  4. That's it now your file will start playing just check the quality and let it download or cancel it if you do not like it.
  5. So that's it now it will be easy for you to check quality of your download every time before downloading :)