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31 December 2013

How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

facebook-securityFacebook has already made a place in the social networking field by providing everyone single user his own personal profile and a medium to connect with people all over the world. Well its fan page feature has just provided an easy way to share stuff with people we even do not know. But now the question arises is our facebook profile safe from hackers as if they just get into it your whole stuff could be down or your private credentials can be misused.

Well now I think it depends on you how secure you make your profile to be viewed to others. Well tweaking some nice privacy settings can obviously be somewhat helpful, else there are many other things like enabling HTTPS connection and even going with a 2 step verification option if its available in your country right now. Well doing these two things can surely make a lot of difference but still there are many more things that you can check below that will work like a charm.

Steps for Securing your Facebook Account

Well I have just collected few points that I think can be useful if you just follow them sincerely and apply them as soon as possible.

  1. Updating Password - well the first and major step is to update your facebook password every month possibly. Make sure you are not using any simple combinations, make sure to check these points for most secured password creation technique. There is one another way that could be useful in creating awesome password. So try to keep your password tight.

    Even Make sure not to have same password for all your online accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or any other service you use, as hacker could easily gain access to your primary account if he gets into your secondary account.
  2. Adding Email - make sure to add your primary and secondary email address and verify them, as if you forget your facebook password it would be the best way to send a recovery email to those accounts and recover your FB account. Well you can easily add those emails from here [Link]
  3. Connecting Mobile - adding your mobile number to your facebook account could be very useful as if someone tries to hack your account through any other means you can easily recover your account using your personal mobile number. Plus this even works if you account gets temporary locked you can easily unlock it using your mobile number, well you can add your mobile number from here [Link]
  4. Enabling Login Notifications - someone tries to login to your account from different IP or suspicious address you will straight away get notifications on your device using tis feature but make sure you have added your mobile number to use this feature. Enable notification from here [Link]
  5. Using Code Generator - this is another useful option that you can use in order grant permission to third party apps or use it to recover your account anytime if you fall under some hacking category. You can get more info about it and how to enable it guide here [Link]
  6. Using Trusted Contacts - add your best or trusted friends into your profile so that anytime you loose your account you can easily access your account using all those trusted contacts option. Well basically you just need to mentioned those contacts then they all will get a code you add all those codes and you get your account back, so its pretty socialized feature.
  7. Checking Active Sessions - well this is the last option I guess that you can configure for optimum privacy, well make sure to check this option to see from where your facebook account is accessed, if you see any suspicious location simply press End Activity and then change your password instantly.
  8. Clicking Suspicious Links - make sure not to click any suspicious link you find on facebook, try using Bitdefender Safego for scanning your facebook profile for any suspicious link and reporting that plus sharing it with your friends.
  9. Good Antivirus - installing good antivirus on your computer can surely keep all those bad botnets and viruses away that might screw your profile. Well try going with the best antivirus for optimum protection.
  10. Installing Anti-Keylogger - this is really an important step, this could seriously save your from all those keylogging attacks you might face in future due to some bad pc conditions. Well I recommend you to go with Zemana Anti-Keylogger it's the best protection available upto date.

So these were the 10 points I think you all should consider in order to maintain a peaceful facebook environment. Well do comment below if you think I missed some useful point that should be added on immediate basis.