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30 October 2015

Remove Old Chrome Version Files & Save Disk Space

Chrome regularly releases updates to fix security and stability issues, so everytime you update your chrome browser older versions are updated to the new version but files are not deleted so it simply increases the disk space and hence your PC can get slower by increasing disk space day by day. So ShaneGowland has released a small tool to remove them automatically.

Well there is another manual way to remove these files well we are going to show you both the easy and hard methods to remove older chrome files and folders and save some disk space.

Removing Chrome's Older Version Folder to Save Disk Space

Well first we are going to see the easy way which is using the Older Chrome Remover Tool option, a simple tool that will scan and remove your older chrome version with ease.

  1. Download Older Chrome Remover Tool.
  2. After you download the tool simple open it up using the Run as Administrator command to give the admin rights to the tool.
  3. This tool requires you to have Microsoft .NET Framework, so make sure its installed in your system.

  4. So your tool when open will show you something like above message, that an older chrome version is found.
  5. Just type Y for Yes to remove that from your system.

  6. When the older version is remove you will see a message that press any key to close this window.

That's it now your older chrome version is removed from your system and you can easily see a small increase in your disk space, possibly like 150MB or so.

Removing Older Chrome Version Manually

Hmm now this is the second option to remove your older chrome version manually from your system, this could be done by just navigating to the chrome installed directory and then removing the desired folders.

  1. On your Computer navigate to C: > Program Files > Google > Chrome > Applications.
  2. This is the basic installation folder, now you will see two folder with the version number, so check the latest one with a bigger number and remove the older one with small number.

    remove old chrome version and save disk space
  3. So as you can see in the above image, I have to remove the highlighted folder to get RID of older chrome version which will save me approx. 150MB.

That's it now your older chrome versions will be removed and you can run this manual option or above tool option everytime a new update is released and installed in your system, this will help you in keeping your system clean and JUNK free, I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial have fun.