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30 January 2014

Downloading Torrents on Different Mobile OS Platforms

Today Torrents are one of the best file hosting services available as it has no limitations for file sizes, people use it to share huge movies, games, and other stuff with all their fellows. Well its considered as illegal downloading and uploading but well today no one cares for that and they love to use it on regular basis. So we already have many nice applications for PC which you can use to download torrents like uTorrent. But if you want to download torrents on your mobile on the go you are unable to do that without some applications specially built for this purpose.

Well we have already posted about some application for iPhone but we are again going to discuss in this post about those application, plus all the application for Java Based Phone’s, Symbian Based Phone’s and Android one.

MobTorrent MobTorrent for Java Based Phone

MobTorrent is a simple interfaced Torrent Downloading application for Java Based Phones, its has a simple plain interface so you are going to get any colorful productive interface but it works quit well so just to solve your problem on Java Based Phones this can help you a lot @ times of Torrent Downloading on the go. DOWNLOAD HERE

SymTorrentSymTorrent for Symbian Based Phones

SymTorrent is another torrent based application for Symbian Devices, its pretty much similar to MobTorrent if compared with interface and other plain stuff, but well who needs a nice interface when you need some serious productivity so this application also downloads Torrent right on your Symbian devices so pretty useful. DOWNLOAD HERE

TorrentulaTorrentula for iOS Devices

If you are using an iOS Device and you are Jailbroken and have Cydia on your device than the best application to download torrents would be Torrentula, it’s a free app and you can get it from Cydia directly by searching for it through the search bar. DOWNLOAD IT DIRECTLY FROM CYDIA

tTorrent LitetTorrent Lite for Android Devices

Today many phones are coming equipped with Android from Google, as it has best user interface and working performance so if you own an Android Device than you get tTorrent Lite for your phone which can download torrents on the go for you right on your phone, the interface is simple and multiple downloads can be taken @ one time, downloading speed depends on your internet connection so if you are using 3G network than your download will be faster. DOWNLOAD HERE

wptorrent-windowswPTorrent for Windows Based Phones

If you own a Windows Based phone then wPTorrent is your client that will allow you to download all those big movies, awesome songs and freaky games right onto your device for free. Well you still some limitations if you are going with the free version, you might see Ads inside your free client + your also have a 300Kb/s speed limit, so no matter you have a nice high seed internet connection but you cannot download more then 300kb/s.

If you go with the PRO or Premium version then you do not have any limitations mentioned above + you also have that video streaming and preview mode feature, so if you wanna be a PRO Torrent Downloader then premium is your option. DOWNLOAD HERE

So this was the total list of application for different mobile platform I gathered for all of you so that you all can download torrents on the go so now if you have any problem regarding this you can comment below, have fun guys.