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29 January 2014

How to Set Different Ringtones for Each Skype Contact

skypeman-plugin-ringtonesLove using skype, have many contacts that keep in touch with you, well want to personalize it bit more after using that pranky voice changer well now you can easily assign different and unique ringtones to all your contacts using simple application called "Skypeman". This tool simply gets attached to your normal skype application and can be used in order to assign different ringtones.

  1. Download "Skypeman" plugin for your windows client.
  2. Now run this plugin and your Skype client will popup asking you to give permission to execute this plugin hit Yes.
  3. Now to apply a specific ringtone to any of your Skype Contact, simply open Skypeman and then navigate to Contact Information > Select Online > Uncheck Default. That's it now just select the Ringtone File.

If anytime you wanna stop the ringtones from beeping up the just navigate to Skyeman > Stop Ringtones, and that's it. Well hope you likes this post and you loved this plugin that surely customize every contact on Skype. Well do check below video on how this actually works, have fun and enjoy.