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29 October 2015

Kaspersky Free Virus Removal Tool for Windows Download

Kaspersky the king of security suite atleast by the reputation is again topping the virus removal race with its best in class technology, well still I believe Bitdefender is considered as the best security suite ever created and it has its own reputation of making some badass products. Like we have posted earlier top 5 antivirus suites that can protect your computer from any ongoing threat. And if you choose any one of them we have even provided you with free version of all the security suites available, download Kaspersky free for 3 months and even the bitdefender security suite is available for free 6 months straight.

kaspersky free virus removal tool

Removing Existing PC Viruses using Kaspersky Free Tool

Yes that's right in case you are having some virus and you are concerned about removing that virus then Kaspersky Free Virus Removal Tool could help you out in removing those viruses with ease, well remember its not going to protect you from ongoing virus attacks but only if there are any existing virus its going to scan your computer and remove that virus easily.

  1. Download Kaspersky Free Virus Removal Tool. (Size: 88MB Approx.)
  2. After you download the above tool you do not have to install it onto your system, just double click to run the tool.
  3. Now it will start to initialize, it can take some time depending your computer speed.
  4. It will start within few seconds and you will have a simple windows asking you to Start the Scan, well now you can click on change parameters option and choose which drive you would like to scan.

    kaspersky free virus removal tool parameters
  5. Now after you choose all the settings click on OK and press the Start Option to start your Scan.

    kaspersky free virus removal tool
  6. Depending on your system it can take sometime to Scan your whole system and remove viruses from your PC.
  7. After everything is completed successfully you will get the option to see a detailed report, so check that.

    kaspersky virus removal tool reports
  8. So now your files that are infected are quarantined automatically, you can restore them or else delete them at your will.

So guys this is best free alternative to virus removal and protection of computer against viruses, well I will still recommend you to install a nice antivirus software, well in case you want to go with a free alternative then Bitdefender Free Edition is the best option you can go with, I am personally using it and I am totally satisfied with its working and usability.