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03 September 2013

How to Increase or Decrease GIF Image Frame Speed

Well recently I was puzzled by this same problem on increasing or decreasing framerate (speed) of GIF image, well I was just wondering if we could really do this thing on created images, well then I searched about it and I came up with a solution, so it worked fine and I thought I should share this with everyone so that people with this problem could easily fix it up.

Well now first this TUT includes the use of software called "Photoshop" so you might have heard about it and you might be having it with few basic skills. Now we are just going to tweak the seconds of any loaded GIF image, so that the time it takes to get to next layer can be decreased or increased according to your will.

So after you have done configuring everything you could save that file back in GIF format and re-upload that image to any HOST for sharing it on facebook or other places. So just check the above video for easy explanation on how this can be done. So have fun guys hope you liked this tutorial do comment :)