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17 April 2014

How to Extract all your Images from your PDF File Online

So you got a PDF file from your friend or the internet and you are planning to use all the images embed in that file in some other project maybe you want to Photoshop all those images and remove watermark from images and then post them back into a single PDF file, well an online tool is capable of extracting all your images from your PDF file and even combing all your images into a single PDF File.


So now whatever the scenario is you have an awesome tool that will work the way you would like it too work for you. So now lets see how you can easily extract all images from a single PDF File online.

  1. Visit http://extract.smallpdf.com
  2. Now just drag the PDF file from which you would like to extract all your images.
  3. Now just wait till it processes your file and then it will give you the direct download link to your .zip file that contains all your images.

So now using this method you can easily extract your images from any PDF file, now sometimes there could be some situations you wanna combine all your images into a single PDF File, well you can do that too using another online tool.

Converting Images into a Single PDF File

So now if you would like to convert all your images into a single PDF File, you can do that using another tool provided by this same website.

  1. Visit http://jpg.smallpdf.com
  2. Now simply drag all your images from your computer to the website and wait till it processes your request.
  3. Now you will get link to your PDF file, simply click to download it.

So now guys now you know how to extract and combine all your images from or into any PDF file. So now enjoy using this tricks, Peace !!!