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24 October 2013

Delete your Facebook Messages in Bulk using this Script

Facebook-Messenger-LogoYou might get a lot of messages on regular basis regarding something or other and this can usually mess up your inbox, if you think you have so many messages that needs to be wiped away well we have a simple, easy and fast solution for you that allows you to delete your Facebook messages in bulk and get rid of all those conversations, well we will using a simple script that simply goes through all your messages and then simply runs the delete command on all of them hence getting rid of them easily and really fast.

Well this process might take some repetitions as at one time it clears almost 10-20 messages. So as it clears your conversation down you can easily click it once more to start clearing your other messages and then you can reload your INBOX and follow the process again to clean rest of your conversation.
  1. Make sure your Bookmark Bar is enabled on Chrome & Firefox.
  2. Now just drag Delete Messages to your Bookmarks bar.
  3. Now visit your Facebook INBOX and just click on the Delete Message bookmark and see how the bookmark automatically scans and delete your messages.
  4. Well if you get any Prompt like "Delete Conversation" just press the button, else it will do the whole process automatically. 

So guys now you can easily delete your whole facebook conversation in bulk and that too automatically using this simple script bookmark. Well if this worked for you do like this post below. Do share this post with all your friends to support us.