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25 October 2013

How to Create Favicon for any Website or Blog for Free


Favicon's are the small icon you normally see when ever you open any website, so you can see my favicon icon is that blue background with small HU logo in white color. So its just a branding that defines every website in its own tab. So people usually use their official logo's to create a nice favicon so in this tutorial we will see how you can easily create your vey own Favicon icon for any website or blog.

Well we will be using Favicon.cc online favicon creator tool for this tutorial, I think it is the best favicon creator with many good features mentioned below. Well this tool show you the live display of your favicon being created, so as you are designing your favicon you will be able to see live favicon being updated.

You also get colors used stored for future use, so if you want you can access those colors and once again use them wherever you want to. You even get the animation creation option, so you can make your favicon animated its pretty good too.

  1. Visit Favicon.cc (Online Favicon Creator Tool)
  2. Now you will see the canvas on which you can start drawing your favicon. Well just select some nice colors from the palate on the right and then start drawing your favicon. (Just try importing some image that good too)
  3. So now as you can see from the image above, your favicon will be designed something like in the above image.
  4. So as I have drawn my website's logo, you can design your own logo by using some hand creativity or by uploading your logo image file.
  5. So now you can even look at the website tab and you will see its favicon automatically updating as soon as you are making some changes.
  6. If you want you can even make an animated favicon by choosing the animation option and then designing frame by frame for looping action.
  7. After you are done you get the option to download the favicon you click on that option and your Favicon.ico file will get downloaded.

So now you can easily created and downloaded your favicon using this free online favicon creation tool, well now its time to upload your favicon to website or blogger blog, well I have just provided few steps that will help you in uploading your favicon onto your blogger blog.

How to Upload Favicon to your Blogger Blog

So guys now if you are on blogger below steps will help you in getting your favicon uploaded and applied to your blogger blog, well earlier it involved so many steps but now blogger has provided a simple option that allows you to upload your favicon file and apply it easily in just few hours.

  1. Open Blogger > Layout > Favicon (Edit option)
  2. Now you will see the Choose File option, click that and choose your Favicon.ico file you have downloaded using above steps.
  3. Now after you have successfully uploaded your file press Save button.
  4. Now just wait for few hours to get this favicon updated in blogger's server.
  5. It can take some time, but it's a simple and clean way to upload your favicon in your blogger blog. You can check below video that explains full tutorial.

So guys this ends this simple but useful tutorial for creating and uploading your Favicon on your blogger blog. Well if you think this tutorial helped you out give a +1 below and share this with all your friends, peace !