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28 January 2014

Now Sleep in Indian Trains Tension Free with Rail Alarm

rail-alarm-logoSleeping in Indian Trains is like a nightmare as you do not have a proper navigation system that can alarm you that you station is nearby so buckle-up, now that even do not allow you to sleep quietly as you always fear that might loose your station and you will taken to some other place next to your station or something. Well now to overcome that problem Columbus Again Software team has developed an app for your Android Device that solves this entire problem.

Rail Alarm is that simple navigation based app that will exactly show you where your trains, how much time its going to take to reach your station + you can even set an Alarm if you are probably going to sleep this will help you to wake up 15 minutes before your station is going to reach.


This app obviously requires an active internet connection to track down everything preciously. So it will just use the GPS feature to track your location and then beep the alarm as your station will reach nearby. So now lets see what are the steps to install and get this app running.
  1. Download & Install "Rail Alarm" app on your Android Device.
  2. Now you just need to make sure your internet connection is active.
  3. Now simply choose Add Trip option and choose your train + your destination, that's it it will exactly show you where your train is.
  4. Now you can easily Set an Alarm so that if you sleep this app will beep sound 15 min before your station is going to be arrived.
  5. You can even track other train locations, so it's a nice app that can prove to be useful in order to see exactly where the train is and what time it will take to reach the station or your destination.

So guys I think this app will revolutionize your sleep cycle inside train, if you are a frequent traveler through this transport, then this app is a must for you, it will help you to maintain your sleep levels and even make your ride productive.